PSI TECH Inc., founded in 1989, currently employs an expert group of professional remote viewers in its commercial operations, administered from corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Technical Remote Viewing training, the world's foremost remote viewing instruction, is available on video tape format and our online training campus, TRV University.

     Our outside directors have included prominent figures from science and industry. Additionally, the company has at its disposal an adjunct Technical Analysis Team, consisting of a multidisciplinary group of distinguished scientists, engineers, and medical doctors from national labs, major corporations, and universities. These individuals provide analytical support to PSI TECH technical intelligence collection projects, as required.

    In late 1991, during the Gulf War, PSI TECH provided intelligence on Saddam Hussein to the National Security Council, and located Iraq's hidden biological warfare stockpiles for the United Nations. These endeavors earned PSI TECH the attention of the world press. Currently, PSI TECH's clients range from the leaders of Fortune 500 corporations, to academics in science, medicine and law, as well as select individuals from the private sector who undergo the firm's specialized training.

    PSI TECH training and operations performance standards are exacting; we require military precision on the part of our remote viewers. Each viewer works independently and does not collaborate or compare data with other viewers. The training program employed to install those unique skills which enable the production of calibrated, consistent, and accurate results is rigorous.

    While at work, a viewer's mind-body state could be generally characterized as one of high attention. (To an unwitting observer, a PSI TECH viewer could easily be mistaken for someone engaged in an attempt to solve a difficult math or science problem). Conscious focus shifts between the tasks of directing the trained unconscious in a systematic exploration of the assigned target, breaking out (decoding) the target-associated gestalt patterns of information, then rendering the data as detailed words and sketches, (or models, if necessary). Meticulous attention to Technical Remote Viewing structure is required not only to correctly acquire the target and maintain lock-on but, additionally, to disallow subconscious analysis and/or imagination from interfering with the unconsciously acquired signal.

PSI TECH 's Mission Statement
A message from Dane Spotts, CEO

   PSI TECH's mission is to evolve human consciousness through the development and training of mind technologies. We assert that all people are born with natural psychic or sixth sense abilities, however, in most, it lies dormant. By training our cutting edge Technical Remote Viewing® skills, this innate PSI ability or "PSI muscle" as we like to call it, becomes activated. Awakening this dormant capability in the human race is PSI TECH's goal. Once human beings have installed this learned skill, not only will it expand an individual's potential but when enough people become activated, it will shift consciousness on a global scale.

    To order PSI TECH's Technical Remote Viewing Self Study Video Training Courses, visit the Matrix Online Store.

    For more information on our courses, please visit our TRV Information Center, our Remote Viewing training options page and our streaming video Introduction to Technical Remote Viewing. Video clips and transcripts are available on our Video and Multimedia page.

     TRV training and certification may now be completed entirely via the internet at our new TRV University campus. This unique state of the art online learning environment provides instruction in basic through advanced level Technical Remote Viewing, interaction with trainers and students from all over the world, certification, weekly target training, technical support forums, live tutoring, and opportunities to participate in PSI TECH projects. Please visit the TRV University Administration Building for more information on enrollment.

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