PSI TECH Awarded Judgment Against F.M. Bonsall

June 18, 2002

From the Desk of Dane Spotts


June 18, 2002


Re: F.M. Bonsall Judgment

A decision was rendered today in the litigation between PSI TECH and F.M. Bonsall. The judge found Bonsall guilty of unlawful conversion and awarded PSI TECH $12,000 in damages, plus court costs, for Bonsall's role in the removal of PSI TECH property. This legal battle was begun last year as the result of a theft of PSI TECH's files and intellectual property which occurred in July of 2000.

The litigation asserted that former PSI TECH employee F.M. Bonsall, illegally entered the private residence and offices of PSI TECH co-owner and Director Jonina Dourif, and removed valuable files, intellectual property and corporate records. In addition, numerous personal items were taken from her residence and office, which is being pursued under separate litigation.

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