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PSI TECH Technical Remote Viewing

Past History of Theft: PSI TECH's Customer List Stolen by F.M. Bonsall and Used to Promote his Company "Percept."

In May of 1999, shortly after Bonsall's position at PSI TECH was terminated, PSI TECH began receiving complaint letters from angry customers who received a lengthy "Percept" spam advertisement from F.M. Bonsall in their e-mail. Ed Dames' response to the customers can be seen at the bottom.

Subject: Is 'Percept' sanctioned by Psi-tech?
Date: 5/19/99 10:58:22 PM

I got this email SPAM today, and I thought it a bit odd. Ed, if this company is stealing your techniques, I wanted you to be aware of it incase you need to take legal action against him. He uses TRV by name, dont you have that copyrighted? If this company is legit, then great. Im all for teaching the world this stuff, but if not, I dont want anyone ripping off all the work you guys have done.



8909 W. Olympic Blvd. #xxx
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
T (310) 360-xxxx
T (877) 878-xxxx
F (310) 360-xxxx"

"Welcome to Percept"


"F.M. Bonsall was trained in Technical Remote Viewing in January 1997..."

(Spam Ad Removed)

PSI TECH's Response:

Subject: TRV (Remote Viewing) Instruction at Percept
Date: 5/20/99 1:03:19 PM

My apologies to all who have received the above-referenced SPAM.

A former PSI TECH independent contractor was involved in the theft of company information.
He is not a TRV teacher, and we are persuing legal recourse.

Again, my apologies to all spamees.

Ed Dames

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