What exactly were F.M. Bonsall's duties while he was an independent contractor to PSI TECH, Inc.?

Taken from an actual court transcript: Bonsall in his own words, under direct examination, while under oath, in The Superior Court of California on October 26, 1999:

NO. SC 047156

Q. Were you ever employed by PSI TECH?

Bonsall: I was an independent contractor to PSI TECH.

Q. By Mr. Price: When were you hired or retained as an independent contract to PSI TECH?

Bonsall: I believe the date was the first of April, 1997.

Q. What was the purpose of your retention, Sir, if you know?

Mr. Orchon: Objection; Calls for speculation.

The Court: Can you ask more generally about the terms of his employment?

Q. By Mr. Price: Were you informed as to why you were retained, Sir?

Bonsall: I was hired to fulfill a need at PSI TECH to oversee the distribution of the Technical Remote Viewing Video Tapes.

Q. Was this as of April 1st, 1997, Sir?

Bonsall: Yes. I began April 1st, 1997.

Q. Who informed you of this purpose?

Bonsall: That would have been Mr. Dames and Ms. Dourif.

Q. By Mr. Price: Sir, what were your duties with PSI TECH when you were hired on?

Mr. Orchon: Objection: Asked and answered.

The Court: Overruled.

Bonsall: My duties were to build the infrastructure of a distribution system to handle orders and to deliver a product.

Q. Are you still employed by PSI TECH today?

Bonsall: No.

Q. When did you leave PSI TECH?

Bonsall: My last day with PSI TECH, my last day paid with PSI TECH was I believe the 30th of April, 1999.

Q. So is it fair to say you were there a little over two years, then?

Bonsall: Yes, that is accurate.

Q. Did your job responsibilities change over time?

Bonsall: No. I wouldn't characterize it as a change. My primary duties during the work day was as I earlier stated.

Note: Several months after the above court testimony was recorded, F.M. Bonsall started promoting false biographical information pertaining to himself and his work duties at PSI TECH. This information is not factual and is completely disavowed by PSI TECH's President (who originally hired Mr. Bonsall.) It is our hope that others are not "taken in" or harmed by this man. Unfortunately, the information remains posted on the internet (including the "Remote Viewing Conference" web site, which continues to promote the following misleading background information):

"F.M. was hired as a primary Remote Viewer and Chief Operating Officer of PSI TECH. F.M. continued to train for 2_1/2 years at PSI TECH and in that time in addition to a regular training program he participated in all company RV projects, assisted in the instruction of new Remote Viewers and he was the associate producer of the PSI TECH Remote Viewing training tapes."

Upon being officially notified that Bonsall, the former PSI TECH employee, had submitted a false record of his employment and had recently stolen company property, a representative of IRVA replied with the following:

Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2000 23:37:17 +0000
"We cannot, nor do we feel it is our duty to, screen the claims of presenters or other persons about themselves for accuracy or factuality."

Fortunately for those who have been victimized, the search for justice carries on, and the truth continues to come out in court.