August 7, 1993 Letter from Ingo Swann to PSI TECH's founder

    The following letter from Ingo Swann is in regards to PSI TECH's recognition of Ingo's contributions to the field of Remote Viewing and ongoing support in maintaining the integrity of Remote Viewing history.

INGO SWANN 7 August 1993

Dear Ed,

    For the record after our telephone conversation last night, I'd like to say that I do admire you greatly, and I think I'm totally cognizant of your fine intellect capabilities. You've undertaken a goal that would encounter enormouse difficulties under any circumstances.

    Although words alone are not enough, I do appreciate very much your remembering my work and its place when many others seem to minimalize or forget it altogether.

    I want you to know that I completely and unreservedly wish you all the best in any of your undertakings, and that I pay homage to the two things you have but which are rare: your openness and courage. I believe that you will ultimately succeed in many things and in many ways.

Very, Very cordially,


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Letter from Ingo Swann