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PSI TECH Technical Remote Viewing

PSI TECH Merges With Mind Tek Research

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON   August 21 2000 -- Edward A. Dames, who resigned last year as President of PSI TECH, Inc., has sold his remaining interest in the company. Major Dames was the operations and training officer of the Defense Intelligence Agency's Top Secret Remote Viewing Unit.

In 1989, when congressional funding ceased, PSI TECH was formed as a private corporation to usher the operations into the private sector to prevent the dissolution of this groundbreaking technology.

In the early 90's under the direction of Mr. Dames and the dynamic leadership of the company's vice president, Jonina Dourif, PSI TECH created and produced an ingenious training system tailored to teach the civilian sector how to access direct knowledge; a skill which was previously only accessible to the elite - Technical Remote Viewing.

PSI TECH's current president, Jonina Dourif who remains in charge of the company's activities, has moved the administrative offices to Seattle, Washington. PSI TECH has recently merged with Mind-Tek Research, a division of LifeQuest Industries, whose CEO - Mr. Dane Spotts, has committed to aggressively oversee the continuity and continued progress of PSI TECH and Technical Remote Viewing.

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