PSI TECH Genealogy

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Lecture on PSI TECH and Remote Viewing by Major General Albert N. Stubblebine, III
The following speech was given by Major General Stubblebine, an important advocate of the military use of Psi and related techniques. This took place at the International Symposium on UFO Research Sponsored by the International Association for New Science Denver, Colorado.

Ingo Swann's letter about PSI TECH and Remote Viewing
A definitive statement regarding PSI TECH’s “pedigree” and genealogy. The following unedited letter, from PSI TECH corporate archives, was written by Ingo Swann (the “Father of Remote Viewing”), in response to a concern expressed by Rhea White, Secretary of the American Parapsychological Research Association, that PSI TECH was rumored to be charging commercial clients an inordinate amount of money for guaranteed contract work.

Addendum to the Ingo Swann letter
Addendum to Ingo Swann Letter on PSI TECH and Remote Viewing. The following is an unedited letter from PSI TECH's President to Dr. Alex Imich (the “Alex” in Ingo Swann’s letter) in response to his question of how PSI TECH, operating as a business, had succeeded in accomplishing what the academic parapsychological research community failed to do.

PSI TECH Iraq U.N. Arms Inspection Team Support Project
News article describing PSI TECH's Remote Viewing Team's involvement and support with the United Nation's Arms Inspection Team in Iraq.

PSI TECH Sets the Record Straight Regarding U.S. Government Involvement in Remote Viewing
PSI TECH wants to set the record straight regarding U.S. Government involvement in remote viewing. We supply further information in response to recent press reports, most of which merely scratched the surface of the topic. The CIA evaluation of remote viewing dealt only with results achieved in controlled, unclassified research environments.

The US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)
The US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) was organized on 1 January 1977. This is the history of that command.

The Real History of Remote Viewing
The facts about Remote Viewing history that still cause confusion about the actual working RV protocols.

The Myth, The Fad and The Frauds - Exposing the truth about "Remote Viewing"
"This article is long overdue and I have secretly hoped that it would never need to be written. However, I am witnessing the pollution and possible destruction of a very valuable technology."

History Helped Shape The Future of Remote Viewing
I would like to revisit the history and the public perception of Remote Viewing. It all began between the years of 1982 and 1983 while a prominent psychic who was working with a world-renowned physicist realized a breakthrough discovery in psychic phenomenon.

The True History of Remote Viewing As It’s Never Been Told Before
Not a week goes by that I don't have to correct someone about PSI TECH's background and the truth about remote viewing history. Historical facts may seem silly and trite to those of us who have been TRV practitioners for many years, but as time goes by, people forget what it took to bring this remarkable technology out of the confines of the military and into public awareness.