Psychics Serving Uncle Sam

From Time Life's "Mysteries of the Unknown: The Psychics"

    Defense contractors are common enough in American industry, but few provide the type of services offered by Psi Tech, an Albuquerque, New Mexico, corporation that says it supplies psychic expertise to military, government, and industry clients. Founded in 1989 by Edward Dames, a retired army major with intelligence experience, the company employs six psychics trained in what it calls "technical remote viewing."

    According to Dames, the employees trained in remote viewing have the ability to "see" and precisely describe distant locations—including secret Iraqi biological and nuclear weapons sites, which he says were detected by Psi Tech through remote viewing in 1991. The company also reports using the procedure to spy on an automobile manufacturer's research-and-development facility, a task for which it was allegedly hired by a rival car company.

    As Dames explains, technical remote viewing works not only over distance by also through time. One client, a "very large engineering company," hired the firm to document the mining techniques that will one day be used on the moon to extract oxygen from mineral deposits.

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