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Old 11-19-2007, 12:24 PM
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Hi All,need some help

Hi everyone
I have read about ''remote viewing'' and I believe that RV can do a lot of good things by helping people.Thats a great thing.I need some help about a target.Perhaps you that have talent and experiens in this you are kind and can help me out.It is about some ''simbols'' man made that apear in 3 diferent locations.Those simbols are the same and my old friend suspect that can be kind of comercial thing in a masked way.We do not know for sure but it is very important for us to know who did it. What I need to know is some data that can help me to find who may be BEHIND those circles.
Here are some photo of the circles:



I will realy apreaciate it if you can help me with some information,words or any data will be usefull.
Best Regards

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