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    Remote Viewers Chat About Remote Viewing
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    Welcome and Introduction

    Welcome to the world's most active and informative Remote Viewing Discussion room!

    Here you will encounter Remote Viewers who are experienced old timers & others who are at various stages in their Remote Viewing practice. Like minded Folks from all around the world, some who have been meeting here for years. This chat room developed the first real Remote Viewing Community!

    The company who hosts this online forum is the company who ushered remote Viewing out of the confines of US military Intel in 1989 & into the civilian sector where hardly anybody had heard the term "Remote Viewing" even less knew what it was!

    We've come a long way since then!

    Newcomers & the Inquisitive are welcome here!

    Come learn about what we do and bring your humor with you! PSI TECH's Remote Viewers tend to be a diverse, eclectic and sometimes cantankerous folk! However, all of us tend to have a higher purpose in common; which is to advance the evolution of mankind by making strides of progress of human potential in ourselves first.

    May I present you the folks who courageously forge ahead as pioneers to tread pathways to new frontiers learning dynamic Mind skills to enhance the collective human experience & usher in a new era of progress & evolution!


    Dane Spotts, Remote Viewing Practitioner   
    Dane (aka: Psiman)

    PS. I advise that Net newbie's read much of this page before entering chat! (or enter and read it later but read it to find out what certain things mean like; LoL, brb, afk, bbl, etc.)

    There are also some rules to read too; Discussion Forums Terms of Service

    Plus, we have a chat robot you might want to read about him too.

    The dry directions:
    To enter the chat room simply click the image to the left, and you're off! The chat room uses Java technology, so you'll want to make sure you have java installed.

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    Professor Ideo, Remote Viewers Training Assistant "Known as The Most active, fun and Progressive remote viewing Discussion In the world!"

    Visit Professor Ideo's webpage, where he explains more about how Remote Viewing works and how Remote Viewers use the technology.

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    Kimberly Snow - Kimberly joined the Remote Viewers as an author, using Remote Viewing for inspiration with her books and poetry works. (Click to watch the interview with Kimberly)