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Introduction to Remote Viewing:
The history of PSI TECH and Technical Remote Viewing

    For more than 20 years, the United States government funded a top secret military program, designed to grant intelligence teams access to the most sensitive and secret sites all across the world. The program, which started as a research project at the Stanford Research Institute, was not a special spy training program. Instead of tapping human operatives, it delved into the very depths of our own minds and consciousness, harnessing the innate abilites of every person. The technique they discovered and utilized is called Remote Viewing.

    Once held in the inner sanctums of miltary intelligence, Remote Viewing was taken into the public sector by the former Operations and Training Officer for the military Remote Viewing unit. Establishing a company known as PSI TECH, this unique system of attention management and psychic training was soon being taught to civilians and creating a new wave in human consciousness.

    Watch the Introduction to PSI TECH and Technical Remote Viewing to discover the origins and use of this new technology, and how it was ushered from military intelligence to private training courses, and how you too can be a part of this incredible history.

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Technical Remote Viewing Demonstration:
PSI TECH's President demonstrates Technical Remote Viewing in front of a UPN television news crew.

    Many people often ask, "How can I be sure that Technical Remote Viewing is real? Isn't is just a trick, or some kind of new-age meditation?" A UPN 13 (KCOP, Los Angeles) Investigative News team wanted to find out for themselves. Psychic sham or powerful new mind technique? PSI TECH President took them up on their challenge.

    Soon enough, investigative news journalist Tammy Taylor showed up in our main offices with a camera crew and put Remote Viewing to the test. Choosing their own target and Target Reference Numbers, to ensure no interference was possible by the TRV tasker, PSI TECH's President picked up pen and set to work. One hour later, the news crew was convinced. Technical Remote Viewing was for real.

    Watch this Remote Viewing session done under the spotlight and find out for yourself how TRV sessions are performed, what kind of data was obtained in one session, and see if this technology is for real. Click one of the links below to start the video.

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Technical Remote Viewing: Frequently Asked Questions
Dane Spotts answers common questions regarding TRV and aspects of Remote Viewing.

    Dane Spotts, CEO of PSI TECH, Inc. answers the 9 most commonly asked questions about Technical Remote Viewing in this video. Find out what you will learn from the TRV Training Courses, where the information derived from TRV comes from, how often TRV requires one to practice, and what TRV is like.

    Discover how TRV can be used in your life, and how it can be used to help others. Find out what you need to do to enable your mind to learn Remote Viewing skills. Dane also discusses why this technology has remained in the dark for so long despite being freed from the confines of governmental secrecy. To view this video, simply choose your speed and preferred media player from the links below.

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Message From The CEO
Dane Spotts, CEO of PSI TECH, Inc., introduces Remote Viewing and his company.

    In this video, Dane Spotts, CEO of PSI TECH, Inc. introduces you to the PSI TECH website and describes what it takes to learn the skill of Technical Remote Viewing.

    Dane also talks about what you can expect and what you can accomplish once you have finished your training. Find out how you can know anything you want to know. To view this video, simply choose your speed and preferred media player from the links below.

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