"Prove To Me That TRV Is Real"

    We occasionally receive letters from people who state, "Show me proof that remote viewing is real." It's understandable that to some who are not aware of the history of remote viewing or the background of PSI TECH, that the idea of everyone possessing the ability to be trained to remote view, is difficult to believe. We have found that for most diehard skeptics, firsthand experience is the only proof that is valid. Only when you learn how to do this yourself, are you ever truly convinced that it is real.

    Years of research and application both in the DoD's remote viewing program and at PSI TECH have proven that any person can be trained to produce accurate psychically derived data, regardless of whether he or she believes it is possible. Most people who come to us are open minded and seriously want to learn more. For them, we offer the following informative links about the history of Technical Remote Viewing and examples of how people have applied TRV in their everyday lives.

Research And Documentation Of The History And Science

Video: Introduction To Technical Remote Viewing
The True History of Remote Viewing As Itís Never Been Told Before
CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing At Stanford Research Institute
An Assessment Of The Evidence For Psychic Functioning
PSI TECH's Position On The A.I.R. Report
Lecture on PSI TECH & Remote Viewing as a Research Tool by Major General Albert N. Stubblebine, III
Perceptual Augmentation Techniques
Statement By Ingo Swann On Remote Viewing
PSI TECH Sets The Record Straight
History Helped Shape The Future Of Remote Viewing


TRV Student Testimonials
Statements Made By Public Officials

Demonstrations And Applications

Video: Blind TRV Demonstration for Television News Crew
Neurosurgeon Uses TRV To Solve Medical Problem
Flashback: Targeting Iraq's Weapons Of Mass Destruction
PSI TECH U.N. Arms Inspection Team Support - November 19, 1991 Washington Times Article, Site Sketch
Saddam Hussein's Biological Weapons
Cause of Egyptair Flight 990 Disaster
PSI TECH Identifies Source of "Mars Probe Signal"
Beginner level blind TRV session: The Pentagon
TRV Student Locates Stolen Cash Register
Spontaneous PSI Events - What They Are And Why They Occur To PSI TECH Remote Viewers
My Last "I bet You Can't Remote View it" Bet!
Is It A Boy Or A Girl?
Technical Remote Viewer Locates Missing Cat
Electrician Uses The Power of Remote Viewing
TRV Contest Winning Session
Practical Applications of TRV