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Access the matrix using your psi-mind powers, and download specific & direct knowledge that gives you an immediate and incredible edge in all aspects of your life.


   It was 1989. PSI TECH was born and a new industry was spawned Remote Viewing. Still classified "Top Secret" by the Pentagon, this psychic spy technology was known to only a handful of high ranking military intelligence personnel. Although ordinary civilians like you and me were never meant to be trained in this mind skill (let alone taught openly in an institution like TRV UNIVERSITY), once Pandora's box was opened, nothing would ever be the same again.

No More Secrets

   $20 million dollars of Pentagon money was used to develop and test this psi-spy technology over a 10 year period. The program was eventually dropped by the Army because Congress would no longer fund the program. The lamebrains who decide such things likely did not really believe such a thing was possible or the idea was just too outside their paradigm to even consider. Whatever the motivation for the behind-the-closed-door decision, this is the sole reason why PSI TECH was formed. To transfer this amazing technology out of the military and into the private sector. Fast forward 15 years to present time. It's now 2004. Since its beginnings, PSI TECH has trained tens of thousands of civilians, and developed new and incredible applications for this skill that boggle the mind.

   But wait a minute if this is such an incredible mind technology that can change the world, why isn't it more widely known? Why isn't everyone a skilled remote viewer accessing the future, and solving the world's problems? Well, like all things which are truly revolutionary... people take time to "get it." It is too unreal sounding to believe that the mind is capable of such things, and humans are wired to reject anything outside their belief system. It is why humans are slow to evolve. Plus learning this skill requires significant effort. Most people are just too lazy to invest the time. Sad but true.

   But for those pioneers who "get it" and are willing to work hard to install the skill, they have an edge in life like no other. For those of you reading this, perhaps it would be easier to understand why this is such a powerful edge by looking at what you can do with it once you possess the skill. How can Remote Viewing make your life better?

Knowledge is Power Applying It Finds the Gold

   What is the value of a technology that gives you access to all knowledge. I mean all knowledge. Everything that has ever happened or ever will happen, anywhere in the universe in the past, present or future. If such a thing were possible what would this technology be worth? A lot. Certainly more than the few hundred dollars for the cost of tuition, right?

   Listen: This is for real. It works. But it is a skill that requires effort to get good at. Like swimming or ice skating you won't be winning a gold medal the first time out. But with practice you can get good at it. Extremely good if you are willing to work hard. Now this article is not supposed to be about 'if' TRV works or 'how' TRV works. If you still need more convincing on that issue, then you need to go back and do your homework. (You can start here... http://www.remoteviewing.com.)

   Anyway, the question before us now is how do you use such an all encompassing skill? There are a zillion applications and ways that direct knowledge that can improve your life. But like all things that sound too good to be true, each of these areas you choose to explore takes time, and the new knowledge often leads you to more questions and a thirst for more answers. It's an endless cycle, and why serious TRVer's seem a bit obsessed. It can give you a Faust complex. To make our discussion more grounded I have broken out the main categories of how professional remote viewers apply this skill, even though it is still scratching the surface.

1) Information about Future Events. This is reason why lots of folks come to PSI TECH to learn the skill of Technical Remote Viewing. To find out about the future. It could be a future event they want to avoid or knowledge about themselves in the future and how they can best live their lives with this knowledge. Some have more practical motives. It can be simple as looking at tomorrow's markets and leveraging that knowledge into trading activity that produces wealth.
Predict tomorrow's markets and use that knowledge to enter trades on Stocks, Futures, and Forex.
   Here are just a few of these applications for looking at the future through your TRV lens. Investing and Speculation: (Yes, a skilled remote viewer can predict tomorrow's markets.) This is a very useful and practical way to make money using TRV, finding optimum investments that produce high returns. Because of the high interest in this application, we created the TRV Trading Club http://www.psifx.com, and a number of student members use TRV every night to trade the FOREX market (currency trading). Gambling: An event can be remote viewed and an outcome determined, such as horse racing and sports betting (football, hockey, baseball, tennis, etc.) Outcome of Events: A Trial. An Election. The Superbowl game. Find out the winner before the event. Optimum Mate: Find the most ideal person you would be the happiest with. Optimum Career: No more dead-end jobs The Future: What is does the future hold for you... wealth, fame? What will the world be like 10, 20, or 100 years from now? When is the next war? Where should you be living? All of these questions are easily answered using the skill of TRV.
2) Problem Solving. TRV is a problem solving skill. Just like an Internet search engine, if you can properly define the problem you want to solve, you can use the proper cuing strategy (search terms) to access the Matrix and uncover the optimum solution. There is no limit as to how you can apply this skill to addressing everyday and complex problems.
Uncover medical problems and find optimum treatment/cures.
   Here are a few examples... Medical and Health Concerns: We can use TRV to look at a specific health or medical issues. Identifying the source of the problem and zeroing in on the optimum treatment/cure. Looking at specific outcome of a conventional or alternative treatment. Uncovering the best ways an individual can maintain optimum health. Many serious medical crises have been averted by TRV'ers. Business problems: Any problem in a business can be looked at through the TRV lens. Let's say you just invented a new product. How will it do in the marketplace? Who will buy it? How can I best exploit it? What is the next newest technology for my product line? Using TRV go 10-15 years into the future in your industry and look at how the future will unfold, transferring future technologies into the present day. A large PSI TECH client hired us in the early 90's to look at new technology for the future of the automotive industry, and we gave them the idea of putting GPS systems in cars. This was a future technology that was grabbed by TRV. The client was the first in their industry to exploit it. We have used TRV in business to screen new employees, design buildings, architect a business turnaround from certain bankruptcy, and find out what a competitor was doing. The list is endless. Personal Relationship Problems: How can you improve your marriage? What is your spouse/mate up to? (Not that you would spy on them, but you could do so easily enough.) How about your kids? Where were they last night? Are they doing drugs? It's easy for a skilled TRV'er to find out. Law Enforcement: TRV has caught numerous felons, forced confessions, and uncovered new evidence to convict criminals. It is a perfect law enforcement tool because it can develop new clues and lead the investigators in what to do and where to go to solve crimes. If you can define the problem, you can use TRV to zero in on a solution.
3) Investigating Historical Events. This can be fun. To look at history in a whole new way. Solving a mystery or uncovering the truth of what really happened at an event. Famous historical events are often used as training targets. TRV students get to explore things like the "resurrection event" or what it was like to be at the world Trade Center on 9/11/2001.
Unsolved Mysteries. Explore the past and discover the truth about our universe.
   There are limitless things in the universe to explore. I could write many books on all the things PSI TECH has investigated over the years. Here are some areas that often get investigated by our TRV students... Solving Mysteries and Enigmas: Who really built the pyramids, what are crop circles? Are UFO's real? Who killed JFK? Accident Investigations: What caused a plane crash? Who was responsible for a car accident? Reconstructing the event. Personal History: What happened to me as a child? What is the root cause of my current mental health problems? What was the meaning of my strange dream last night?
4) Finding Things. Probably the most practical and widely used TRV application is to find lost items, like your car keys. Many of us TRV'ers never fear losing things again, as a quick 10 minute session often saves hours of angst and running around.
Use your skill to locate lost treasures and natural resources.
   Here are more TRV uses for finding things... Oil & Gold Reserves: The owner of the largest gold mining operation is a TRV student. What do you think he uses it for? Lost Keys and Objects: A simple technique for finding lost objects. Buried Treasures and Lost Artifacts: PSI TECH has been involved in some of the world's largest treasure hunts. Missing People & Pets: TRV students get requests every day to find missing people or pets.
5) Decision Making. If you can define the decision, you can easily TRV the optimum outcome and the best-path scenario. Should I take that new job offer even if it means relocating? Should I ask that new girl in the office out to dinner? What will happen if I...? (You fill in the blank.)
6) Probing The Minds of Others. Want to know how someone else thinks about you? You have a big business deal coming up and you want to enter into a risky partnership. What is the real intent of your future partner? Did the person you suspect really commit the crime? Uncovering intent, culpability, or exploring the mind of others is something an advanced TRV'er is trained in. We have probed the mind of Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler, as well as the Pope and Mother Teresa.
Discover the amazing truth about the universe and your role in it.
7) Exploring Spiritual Truths. Is there a God? Is there life after death? What happens when I die? Are angels real? What is my purpose in the universe? PSI TECH spent 2 years exploring the afterlife and discovered an amazing reality of what happens to every human being when they die. This is an unlimited personal area you can spend years exploring with your TRV skills, uncovering exactly how the universe operates and your role in it.
   So are you ready to use your psi-mind powers to get rich, solve problems, and uncover the mysteries of the universe? Remember, knowledge is capital. It is not simply information that we seek, but solutions to problems. Solutions and answers to any and everything we direct our attention to. We can even use our technology to find out how to best exploit that knowledge. This is truly a new era for those empowered with this skill. We at PSI TECH have been doing this for 15 years now, and have barely scratched the surface of what is possible. Now that you know some of the things that are possible... what will you do with your access to "unlimited knowledge?"

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