Crash of American Airlines Flight 587

The Crash of American Airlines Flight 587 - Preliminary Report

Date: November 12, 2001 6:00 PM PST

All of the data contained in this report was gathered using Technical Remote Viewing techniques by PSI TECH International, Inc.

Preliminary results suggest the following:

The cause of the crash was a series of explosions caused by an intentionally damaged fuel injection pump. During take-off procedures, the engines of a jet aircraft are operated at full throttle. The fuel boost pump on Flight 587 was tampered with so that during take-off, the extreme vibration would create a rupture and a fuel spill that would cause the engine to explode. Massive fuel spilled into the engines while at full throttle. The left engine exploded breaking off from the wing and hitting the tail section shearing it off and causing the plane to spiral into the ground.

The most disturbing aspects of the data suggests "mechanical infiltration". The aircraft was tampered with by someone with sufficient mechanical knowledge knowing the specific stress caused by the vibration during take-off would result in rupturing the fuel pump system causing a fuel spill and resulting explosion.