Missing Person "Chandra Levy" - PSI TECH's Interim Summary Report

July 11, 2001

July 11, 2001


    The following information was obtained via Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). For background information about TRV methods and techniques, refer to remoteviewing.com.

    Cue: Chandra Levy / Present Location

    Interim Summary
  • 1. Chandra Levy is dead.
  • 2. Her body is decomposing and wrapped or inside of something lying or wedged in shallow water and an agent was used for rapid decomposition.
  • 3. The body location is in a dark, gloomy desolate terrain, near a passage way, where fog horns or train horns and birds are the main silence breakers.
  • 4. There are indicators that Chandra was in the early stage of pregnancy.
Cue: Chandra Levy / Cause of Death

    Interim Summary
  • 1. She died by asphyxiation.
  • 2. The murderer was a young (caucasian appearing) man in his 20's with very short hair.
  • 3. Chandra's death was a deliberate act. It was not an accident.

    Jonina Dourif
    PSI TECH President