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PSI TECH Technical Remote Viewing

PSI TECH Crop Circle Report - June 1992

PSI TECH Crop Circle Report - June 1992

   Technical Remote Viewing is an Intelligence gathering skill that was originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense. PSI TECH is the company that was founded by the original military team members. PSI TECH operates in the private sector now providing adjunct Intel in crisis and security situations.

   In 1992, PSI TECH was commissioned to examine Crop Circle phenomena by the Center for North American Crop Circle Studies. The Barbury Castle event was used as a reference target. Viewers focused upon the phenomenon's causal agency, function/purpose, and mechanics of production.


    The following Technical Remote Viewing report represents the work of five expert remote viewers who conducted multiple sessions against the subject of "crop circles" during the period of June 13-27, 1992. Independent viewer descriptions have been compiled and data reduction performed on redundant, mutually corroborating information. In instances where an individual viewer's personal thesaurus lacked an empirical label for concepts associated with a perceived gestalt, then those ideas found expression in simile, analogue, metaphor, or allegory.

    Information provided herein should assist in the chemical qualitative analysis of circle plant material, and may also form the basis for scientific discussions concerning the viewer described associated objects, and their perceived capabilities. In our opinion, the RV data associated with the function of the circles has implications that go far beyond scientific knowledge and technical evolution per se.

Key Assessments:

    Crop circles are purposefully created by a collection of alien races who appear to be capable of time travel. The pictographs serve primarily as reference markings and for 'event line' orientation.

    The pictographs are deliberately embedded in a short-lived, perishable medium.

    Production of the circles occurs via two primary mechanisms:

    Macroscale: external area effects; heat and overpressure

    Microscale: internal plant stem effects; pressure changes and cellular damage.

    Crop circles are not symbols intended as a "message to man." These deliberately created pictographs are signposts, or reference marks produced by aliens moving in space and time (back and forth/in and out), who are monitoring the course of event trajectories, (in a state space analysis sense), on Earth.

    At least twelve different species of extraterrestrials, all from different points of origin, use and recognize these unique "signatures."

    A great deal of importance is attached to the pictographs by the visitors, whose vehicles often change direction after a circle flyby. Some craft halt in the vicinity of the circles for what appear to be communications checks. on occasion, craft temporarily stop and conduct exploratory probing/testing in the vicinity of the circles.

    The deliberately selected circle medium, (grasslands), is one which guarantees perishability; the circles are ephemeral by design. Additionally, the transitory nature of the pictographs is also connected with the idea that more permanent marks on the Earth would tend to attract man's attention to fixed, specific locations. This is not in the "game plan" of these visitors, who are attempting to maintain a covert presence, as much as operationally possible.

    Although the blueprint for each circle is mapped out ahead of time, allowance is made for "fortuitous aesthetic occurrences-- the idea grows with the doing. For each mark, the creation date, (in a celestial time standard), geographical location, and geometry are recorded in a central registry.

    Anecdotally, it was noted that the circles have given rise historically to various beliefs connected with the supernatural. For instance, the circles inspired the idea of the 'elves' green rings. The Nazca lines and, most noteworthy, Navajo sand paintings, were ideas born of attempts to copy the "marks of the Gods", so as to evoke a visitation or response.

    Alien production of the circles has been concentrated primarily in geographic "belts" which serve as benchmark regions for global-cultural change. One or more pictographs are made to record the presence of each particular observing agency during its excursions among/within what appear to be multiple/alternate/ alternative event pathways connected with Earth's history/ histories. There are many more visitors in this era (our present) than in other recorded eras.

    Strongly associated with these observing missions, are indications that an intelligent agency is/has been intervening in human affairs at critical junctures--certain key historic events indeed seem to have been manipulated. This agenda is attached to the overriding idea of "building a metaphoric structure, the foundation of which spans the time continuum-- rather than with the idea of engineering" a set condition, or conditions, "up ahead", in a linear time sense.

    "Tools" are employed for the physical production of the circles. Two devices, possibly used in tandem, were perceived. One device hovers about 2O feet above the projected locus of a "regular" circle. It possesses a flattish-shaped, shiny and silvery, metallic-like appearance, and has a corrugated edge, "like the reeds of a curved harmonica". The object is several yards wide. Underneath it, one experiences a shortness of breath as if from insufficient oxygen. The device undergoes a smooth, rhythmic, graduated, up and down movement that involves some sort of pulsing/pumping power. There are accompanying heat and pressure waves. The waves hit the ground and are reflected outward.

    Below, there occurs rapid bending and heaving of the plant stalks in different directions. Inside the stalks, there is a sense of bursting/popping, and stretching in some places-- compression in others. Pressure at the cellular level reaches the point where cell membranes rupture. The greater the amount of fluid content, the more subject the cell is to the effect. Some of the plants are at first tugged or sucked upwards, but most finally fall over" (with a 'swish' sound) rather than being pushed down. The entire event often causes dust and fine bits of vegetation to be blown about.

    Also perceived are lights that flick from here to there across the area quickly, but purposefully, with no wasted motion or loitering. This effect is produced by an object, (sometimes two identical objects), which appears during crop circle production as a sphere, or globe, about 15 inches in diameter. This object's shape is actually very fluid/plastic. It undergoes amazingly rapid changes in geometry, and can realize virtually instantaneous changes in direction and speed. Most often, the device is perceived as occupying one of three phases, with their respective configurations. In each phase, however, the device is found to be spinning, with varying-speeds. When taking on its spherical configuration,' the device manifests a grey or silvery, smooth, glowing, pearly appearance. During its "transitional" phase (greater rotational speed), the colors change and become iridescent. Just prior to vanishing, the device appears as a luminous, almost transparent, flattish, nebula-shaped object. Working very close to the ground, during the production of a crop circle, the "globes" emanate a ray, crudely reminiscent of the coherent light beam produced by a tunable laser -- but there is no "transmission of energy, only energetic effects at (vice 'upon') the ray's target [see below]. other characteristics of the ray: it is visible in some instances and invisible in others. It works across a broad frequency range, however, it is not electromagnetic in the sense that we commonly understand the term. The ray causes/involves fundamental effects at the atomic particle level, (the idea of "cross polarization" may be somehow roughly associated here). Instruments could indicate its presence, but the signal is "unconventional", and blankets the spectrum in a manner analogous to white noise. Our current theoretical and applied instrumental orientation is inappropriate for deciphering the energy/forces involved.

    The ray rapidly strobes and sweeps back and forth, focusing upon plant stalks with "surgical, programmed precision". Within the plant stem matrix, hydrogen atoms vibrate loose -- dissociate -- from the H2O molecules. The ray, in effect, disrupts and disables molecular structure/bonding. Ultrasonics are produced as gases escape the plant stem, (an effect that could be likened to the boiling of a tiny kettle), and some localized heat is present. The concomitant drop in turgor pressure within the stem causes the plant to bend over -- to "rapidly wilt" -- (or, in anthropomorphic terms, to fall over in an experiential fashion analogous to what happens when one's knees quite suddenly "give out"). There is a gentle 'swish-swish' sound as this effect is induced, en masse.


    A fresh crop circle virtually guarantees an 'imminent' flyover by an alien vehicle--however transitory. Employing a quick reaction technical monitoring team would, therefore, greatly increase the likelihood of capturing evidence of an incoming craft. An appearance could possibly be prolonged if the team grossly disfigured or elaborately reconfigured a circle, (again, immediately upon discovery). Such an act may induce a degree of confusion on the part of the vehicle occupants or intelligent machines, i.e., more time may be required for operators/intelligent devices to confirm circle authenticity.

    Moreover, this 'delaying tactic' might possibly arouse the visitors' interest--they may wish to assess and record such new--insightful/provocative(?)--behavior.

    Undertake the required chemical analysis necessary to validate the physical effects described by remote viewing.

    Allow dissemination of this report to select labs and key scientists. (The phase change descriptors of the spinning device are important to an understanding of the underlying principles behind its movement).

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