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PSI TECH Technical Remote Viewing

PSI TECH Spot Report - The Dore Signal

Sent Tuesday 11/03/98, at 1:00 AM

1. PSI TECH has spent the last two days subjecting the "Dore signal" to Technical Remote Viewing.

2. Conclusion: The source of the signal is a military communications satellite. The satellite's primary role is in support of naval operations. (We did not take the time to identify the country of origin).

Background Information:

From SETI Signal Hoax:

"On the 22nd of October, an anonymous UK amateur radio-astronomer claimed to have detected a radio signal from EQ Pegasi, located about 22 light years from earth in the constellation Pegasus. The frequency of this signal was given as 1453.827 Mhz. This anonymous amateur radio-astronomer (later suspiciously identified as "Paul Dore" of Siemens Plessey Systems in England) provided several "screen dumps" of the signal from a shareware program called FFTDSP..."

"...Art Bell, Coast to Coast late-night radio talk show host, jumped on the announcement of the possible extraterrestrial signal detection with his usual brand of sensationalist broadcasting. Author, Richard Hoagland, a guest on Art's show, even went so far as to suggest that the signal was coming from a spaceship traveling toward earth from the Pegasus region and was transmitting a "radar" signal. A review of the material presented suggests that there is something seriously wrong with this scenario."

-Michael Theroux
Director Borderland Sciences Research Foundation

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