Enterovirus 71 - A New Infant Killer: PSI TECH Project Report


10 June 1998

To: Dr. Chan Chi-hsien
Director General
Department of Health
Taiwan, R.O.C.

From: PSI TECH, Incorporated
Beverly Hills, California, U.S.A.

Subject: Enterovirus 71 - A New Infant Killer

The following information was obtained via Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). For background information about TRV methods and techniques, refer to www.trv-psitech.com.

Dear Dr. Chan,

1. This PSI TECH initiative study was undertaken, specifically, to identify the reserviors(s) and/or vector(s) of enterovirus 71.

2. Key assessment: Taiwan wastewater conduits currently harbor high populations of enterovirus 71. More importantly, municipal water supplies are being contaminated with this pathogen; the source of the disease is water pollution.

3. This scientific intelligence information can be of immediate value to public health officers and field investigators, in isolating and controlling the emergent pediatric threat.

cc: Dr. Walter Li, Director, Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital

Incl: (1) Example PSI TECH epidemiology bulletin (dated 7 March 1998)

Original Document:

Enterovirus 71 Project Report