PSI TECH 911 Project Preliminary Report on Terrorist Activities on U.S. Soil

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PSI TECH Remote Viewing Task Force

Special Report

Enclosed Is The Report You Requested:

“Preliminary Report on Future Terrorist Activities on U.S. Soil”

Caution: This report contains information dealing with future events which may be of an unsettling or extreme nature. If you are sensitive to such topics, subject to depression, or are easily upset, please do not read this document.



Date: October 6, 2001
From: Joni Dourif - President
Dane Spotts - CEO
RE: Preliminary Report on Future Terrorist Activities on U.S. Soil

    The following is PSI TECH’s preliminary report issued by the Remote Viewing Task Force. The Remote Viewing Task Force was established to provide intelligence data on future terrorist activities.


We began gathering data on September 11th, immediately after the World Trade Center attacks. There are currently 14 advanced level Technical Remote Viewers working on this project. Each target they are given is viewed “in the blind” (i.e. they have no advance knowledge about the target). We are only presenting the raw preliminary data in this initial report. We are not speculating on the specifics of the attacks at this stage of our investigation, and we will leave the conclusions to you the reader, and to the analysts.


This data has been collected using a formerly Top Secret intelligence collection tool called Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). Technical Remote Viewing technology stems from the original and proven protocols that were used by the United States government to solve the country's most difficult intelligence problems. For more information on how Technical Remote Viewing works and the history of PSI TECH, please visit our web site at


At the present time, the Task Force has completed Technical Remote Viewing session work on 3 different targets. The target cues were as follows:

1) Next/Catastrophic/'Planned' Attack/Against 'US' Territory 2) Next/CatastrophicAttack/ Against 'US' Territory 3) WTC Attack / 'Mastermind' Perpetrator/s

Technical Remote Viewing Session: Summary Data

The first group target was:

Next/Catastrophic/'Planned' Attack/Against 'US' Territory

Data accumulated specific to this target cue:

  • The attack plans appeared to be measured, strategic, and multipronged.

  • An inconspicuous detonation into vulnerable resources resulting in an insidious delivery of toxins.

  • There was an attack planned, which was to take place during a scheduled event involving a crowd of people. The attack appeared as though it was aimed at a sports event in a stadium type structure. The TRV time lines indicate that this catastrophe was to occur just before Christmas of 2001, and there were indications of another similar attack to take place before Easter 2002.

  • Part of the planned attack on America was to create “economic dissonance.”

    The second group target was:

    Next/CatastrophicAttack/Against 'US' Territory

    The word “planned” was removed from the project cue, and the significant difference of the data from the previous target appears to be only the idea of the “scheduled stadium type attack,” which fell away.

    Data accumulated specific to this target cue:

  • The attack events that are cued up in our near future appear to involve using natural resources as weapons, like infiltrating water supplies using air and/or wind. The idea of condensation is also present.

  • One apparatus or device that we locked onto looks like an oval shaped balloon or buoy. It is intended to leak and/or seep highly toxic substances into the air and water and contains the characteristics of a “time bomb.”

  • There appears to be an appearance of blue light and an ozone type scent associated with an event. This could be related to the device above or another event occurring in proximity to the event scenario.

  • The physical symptoms of the victims are vomiting, gutwrenching pain, and extreme shortness of breath. Many of these symptoms result in death. The material effects also kill the perpetrators who are assigned to manage the attack execution.

  • The Chicago area was singled out as a near-term attack site.

    The third group target was:

    WTC Attack/’Mastermind’ Perpetrator/s

    Data accumulated specific to this target cue:

    The data indicates that the mastermind planner/s had a series of attacks planned. These attacks were strategically planned in advance, and were intended to strike as singular catastrophic events in key regions around the United States and North American continent. The attacks are timed to proceed forward methodically and independent of one another. The goal is to terrorize and devastate Americans in the belly of their own soil. Their strategy is creative and multi-pronged in order to induce maximum devastation at minimal cost and risk on their behalf.

    It appears as though the perpetrators themselves are not independent thinkers, but that they are zealots convinced they have a higher mission. The mastermind is not of the same mindset as his army. He is contemplative, deliberate, and diabolical. He feels that his purpose is to fulfill a cataclysmic and historical role.

    Note: These perpetrators are knowledgeable about this type of intelligence gathering. They employ camouflage methods, such as hiding hostages in tents inside of buildings to try to fool hasty viewers. Precautions for this type of trickery are constantly double-checked by PSI TECH’s project team leaders.


    Many exhausting hours have been put into the initial phase of this project thus far. The target related data we have been getting is so alarming that we were initially reluctant to release it in this report. One of the most dramatic and frightening aspects of the data is the idea of a multi-pronged, multi-event scenario of terror that is wide spread and far reaching.

    Over the next 12 months there appear to be 2 very significant events that will cause great harm to our nation. Although we are only presenting preliminary data here in this initial report, the events discerned appear to be imminent. PSI TECH’s intention for disseminating this information is not to frighten people but to illuminate the current “attack plans” in order to aid in their prevention.

  • For further updates and information on this project as it evolves, log into the PSI TECH website at Please note: Much of our work remains confidential and we will only release information when it is deemed appropriate. You are welcome to check our web site to access the latest updates and learn more about Technical Remote Viewing technology, and how it is used to gather intelligence data.

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