The 28 June 97 Disappearance of Screenwriter Gary Devore

29 July 1997
Sergeant Bill Byrne
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department
via fax

Subject: The 28 June 97 disappearance of screenwriter Gary Devore

PSI TECH has established the following baseline data, based upon an initial Technical Remote Viewing probe of this case:

Key assessments -
  1. Gary Devore was murdered in the vicinity of Barstow.
  2. Devore's body is located generally north of Barstow, in a ditch, ravine or intermittent streambed; it is covered with debris.
  3. Three individuals were involved in the murder. One appears to be a male with blond hair.
  4. The victim's auto (as of 27 July 97) was located generally southwest of the murder site.
Subsequent Technical Remote Viewing work will seek to establish:
  1. Pinpoint location of the victim's auto.
  2. Description and location of the perpetrators.
  3. Pinpoint location of the victim's body.
Please note: This is a PSI TECH initiative project, undertaken as a public service. Under no circumstances will officers or employees of PSI TECH, Inc. accept reward money, in any form, or from any source, for work performed in support of public service projects such as this.


Edward A. Dames