Some of PSI TECH's Past and Present Projects

The Current Outbreak of "S.A.R.S."/ Cause & Origin
  • 09/04/03:  Article: Chinese Researchers Confirm SARS Came from Animals
  • 09/04/03:  Article: SARS Research Confirms Link To Animals
  • 05/13/03:  Technical Remote Viewing Report: SARS Origin Revealed By TRV

  • Yoshio Katagiri / Present Location (ongoing)
  • 05/12/03:  Preliminary Report

  • Project: Afterlife - What Happens When We Die?
  • 04/29/03:  Video Project Report

  • Kursk Submarine/Sinking Event/Survivors
  • 08/19/00:  Learning Annex Demonstration Session

  • Laci Peterson / Disappearance Event
  • 04/18/03:  Laci Peterson Project Update
  • 01/24/03:  Preliminary Report

  • Huntingtons Disease / Cure (ongoing)

    PSI TECH Iraq U.N. Arms Inspection Team Support Project - 1991
  • Read the article
  • Site Sketch

    Saddam Hussein's Biological Weapons
  • Complete Report
  • 3/2/98:  Letter to the White House, DIA
  • 3/2/98:  Area Map
  • 3/7/98:  Associated Press News Release

    Eden Project / Energy Source (ongoing)
  • 03/29/02:  Article & Student Session

  • Eden Project / Optimum Food Source (ongoing)

    Osama bin Laden's Present Location (2/22/02)
  • 02/22/02:  Report On Osama Bin Laden's Present Location
  • 02/23/02:  Map
  • 03/01/02:  Sketches

    "911" Project - The Next Terrorist Attacks (ongoing)
  • 06/10/02:  Bin Laden's "Poor Man's Nuke" Plan Averted in Chicago
  • 02/23/02:  Osama Bin Laden's Present Location
  • 03/01/02:  Sketches
  • 02/01/02:  TRV Reveals Terrorist Plots
  • 11/29/01:  Confirmation of Data
  • 10/15/01:  "Poor-Man's Nuke" or Radiological Bomb Scenario
  • 10/06/01:  Preliminary Report

    Chandra Levy Missing Person Case
  • 7/11/01:  Interim Summary Report
  • 5/24/02:  The Chandra Levy Murder Mystery

    Technical Remote Viewing Video Tape Trainee Mars Project
  • 3/15/01:  Raw TRV Data

    "Mars Probe Signal"
  • 1/27/00:  Spot Report and CNN Article

  • Egyptair Flight 990 Disaster
  • 11/11/99:  Spot Report
  • 03/13/02:  NTSB Final Report
  • 03/22/02:  PSI TECH Article

  • Project HYDRA: China's Acquisition of U.S. W-88 Warhead Technology
  • 5/15/99

    Nostradamus - Through His Eyes: Century 10, Quatrain 72
  • 12/2/98: Quatrain Text

  • Sept 15, 1998 / Hit & Run Vehicle / Kula Highway / Maui

    PSI TECH Special Study (Proprietary): China - Hidden Strategic Weapons Systems

    PSI TECH Humanitarian Project (Classified)

    The Madlyn ("Maddie") Rae Clifton Disappearance
  • 11/09/98:  View one of the initial sessions
  • 11/09/98:  Preliminary Project Summary Report

    Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra 10E - Phase 1: Pinpoint Location
  • 10/1/98: Project Report

    Enterovirus 71 - A New Infant Killer
  • 6/10/98:    Project Report
  • 6/8/98:     CNN News story on enterovirus 71

    The January 1998 Turtle Island Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Mass Stranding
  • 3/8/98:  Project Report

    The JonBenet Ramsey Murder
  • 6/30/97:  Preliminary Report
  • 7/26/97:  JonBenet Ramsey's Killer

    The Russian Phobos 2 Probe

    The Crisis Profile of Saddam Hussein Project
    PSI TECH's customer, a large company with strategic oil interests in the Mid East, was concerned about a potential conflict's effects upon the near and far term price of oil. The statement of work directed PSI TECH to provide data and analysis on Saddam himself, i.e., his mind (intent, motivation, emotional and behavioral states), to penetrate his war room (for information concerning battle plans, operations, force strengths, and possible deception schemes), and to provide a six-month (September 90 - March 91) general outlook for the Gulf Region.

    Project Investigative Report: Hydrogen-Based Automobile Power Plant Research
    Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) The PSI TECH client for this project was a major auto company. Our remote viewers performed a worldwide search for present key research and applied engineering work related to hydrogen- powered automobiles. We located and described engineering projects in North America, Japan, France, China, Germany and the USSR. Our final report placed emphasis upon the most potentially successful of the projects, and included sketches of prototype designs, and descriptions of essential associated engineering features such as turbines, flywheels, hydraulic and electric components, etc.

    TWA Flight 800 Explosion
  • Final Report to the NTSB
  • LA Times TWA Flight 800 reports
  • 747 Hydraulic System Schematic
  • System Failure Sketch
  • Stage 3 sketch

    Medical TRV Session
  • Session 1

    Crop Circles - Cause/Functions/Purpose/Production
  • Key Assessment Report

    Tetrahedron feature / Cydonia region of Mars

    Loss of the "Mars Observer" probe

    The loss of Telstar 401 - A Major Geosynchronous Communications Satellite
    (Data indicated it was Intentionally decommissioned by a form of radiation)


    The Earth's moon

    Project Starman

    The Phoenix Lights

    The Lochness Monster

    The Chupacabra

    Alien Race/ Salt mining

    Jesus of Nazareth / crucifixation event

    Jesus of Nazareth Shroud of Turin

    Jesus of Nazareth/ resurrection Event

    Mother Mary Apparition

    The Secret of Fatima

    The Anti-Christ

    Topical Search Data results of the meaning of "666"

    The Rapture

    The Discontinuity

    Cattle Mutilation

    Crop Circles / Cause and Purpose

    Next Hostile Use of a nuclear weapon

    The Unabomber/s Location / description / next "hit" (a one year project)

    Nicole Brown Simpson Murder Weapon / Location (a 7 month project)

    Stephanie Condon Disappearance

    Missing Person Philip Taylor Kramer (Iron Butterfly member disappearance)

    L.A. Film Producer (JD) / Disappearance

    Art Bells Cousin/ Cause of death

    Art Bell / Reason for Leaving

    PSI TECH's Optimum Trajectory

    PSI TECH Optimum Location

    PSI TECH / Next Optimum Project

    PSI TECH Sanctuary

    Technical Remote Viewing / Future Uses

    Next "major" Earthquake / California

    Next Volcanic Eruption / worldwide

    Next Volcanic Eruption / North America

    Next Global Environmental Catastrophe

    Next Environmental Catastrophe / North America

    Current Solar Activity

    Future Solar Activity

    Hale Bopp Comet Data

    Sanctuary / Locations

    "(Santilli) Alien Autopsy Film footage" (October 1996)

    Missing Air Force Captain Craig Button, A10 Thunderbolt plane & pilot

    Next use of a nuclear weapon / intent to kill (North Korea)

    Billy Meier UFO "beam ships" (hoaxes)

    Carlos Diaz "plasma ship" photos in Mexico

    The Holy Grail

    AIDS Virus / origin/ Source / Cure / treatment

    The Haunta Virus/ Cause / Origin / Location

    Will's Paralyzing condition / Cure / Treatment

    Stephen Hawkins

    Gulf War Syndrome Cause

    The Kennedy Assassination Event

    Next U.S. President

    President Bill Clinton/Future

    Senator (proprietary) Death/ Cause/ circumstances

    Frogs Disappearance

    E-Bola /Origin/ Cause /Cure/Treatment

    Earths Geophysical changes / Future

    Future Humans

    Future Humans Food source


    Kidnapped Automobile Mogul (JD) location

    Chairman Kim Jong the II / The North Korean President/ Mind state

    Next Volcanic Eruption - "Mammoth Mountain"

    The Philadelphia Experiment

    Project Sunburst

    Dina Arnette's photograph

    Jose Escamilla's "Rods"

    Mel's Hole (Hoax)

    President Bill Clinton/Future

    Earth's magnetic pole shift

    Madeleine Murray O'Hare / Disappearance / Present Location

    Epidemic Dying babies / cause

    Elande 21185 Star Project / The New Solar system

    P-S-I Switch - A psycho kinetic tachyon device

    Hamas leader / Attack

    Mars Polar Lander

    Contrails / origin / content / purpose

    Sai Baba

    Area 51 / Overview

    Mother Theresa/present location

    Next passenger airline disaster

    Next passenger airline disaster/cause

    "The Tower of Babel" (TRV topical search)

    United States/most secret aerospace project

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