The Jon Benet Ramsey Project - PSI TECH's Interim Report

The JonBenet Murder Interim Report

30 June 1997

Bob Grant District Attorney Adams County, Colorado

Subject: The JonBenet Ramsey Murder (Interim Report)


    1. PSI TECH has undertaken the JonBenet murder case as an initiative project, so as to assist in the identification and apprehension of the perpetrator(s). Although you may consider Technical Remote Viewingô (TRV) methods and techniques unconventional and, possibly, any attendant conclusions untenable, I call your attention to our history and track record. [Refer to attachments]

    2. PSI TECH has established the following base line data points in connection with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey:

    a. Method of entry into the house: The murderer gained entry into the victimís house through either a window or skylight.

    b. Description of murderer: Male, slim, medium height, age early to mid-40's. He had observed, stalked, and possibly photographed the victim prior to her murder.

    c. Murdererís workplace: An industrial plant located in a generally NE to SE direction from the murder site. Primary products appear to be liquid chemicals, (possibly photographic chemicals).

    3. A subsequent report will focus and elaborate primarily upon the following:

    a. Murdererís point of entry into the victimís house, (if unestablished by investigators).

    b. Description of the murderer in greater detail, including personal history.

    c. Murdererís workplace, in detail.

    4. Please note: This unsolicited data is provided as a public service. Under no circumstances and from no source will officers or employees of PSI TECH, Incorporated accept reward money (bounty) in connection with work on this case.