The Jon Benet Ramsey Murder Project - Report Update

The JonBenet Ramsey Killer

26 July 1997

Bob Grant
District Attorney
Adams County, Colorado
via fax

Subject: The JonBenet Ramsey Killer


    The following information amplifies and augments the descriptive data contained in the PSI TECH 30 June 1997 Initial Report (The JonBenet Ramsey Murder).

    1. The killer: A male, age 32-38 years, 5'10-5'11, blond or reddish hair, green eyes, generally trim physique.

    2. The killer's current workplace: An industrial site which lies in a generally easterly/northeasterly direction from the murder site. This facility is a large plant, with a stack, where acrid, chemical smells are present. What appears to be a rotary kiln is in operation at this location.

    3. Other key information: The killer often commingles with two other persons in this work environment, but particularly closely with a short, dark-haired, pot-bellied, middle-aged male. This person may be aware of, or in some manner participated in, the crime.