The Madlyn ("Maddie") Rae Clifton Disappearance


November 9, 1998

To: Sheriff's Office
Jacksonville, Florida

From: President

Subject: The Madlyn ("Maddie") Rae Clifton Disappearance

Special Note: The information contained herein was obtained via Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). Pertinent information about PSI TECH's intelligence collection methods and techniques is available on the Internet at our company's web site,


1. The above referenced case was selected as the subject of a PSI TECH initiative project, undertaken solely as a public service.

2. To assist this investigation in a timely manner, I am furnishing your department with the following preliminary data - essentially "raw" intelligence - in connection with the disappearance of Maddie Clifton:

a. The child is dead
b. Her body is submerged, trapped beneath a metal grate or wire grid.
c. Cause of death: (in progress)
d. Body's pinpoint location: (in progress)

3. In the event that you have questions about or desire elaboration upon the above, please do not hesitate to contact my company's Beverly Hills office.

Original Document:

Report on Maddie Clifton