Saddam Hussein's Biological Weapons

3/2/98: Letter to the White House, DIA


March 2, 1998

To: The White House

From: PSI TECH, Inc.

Subject: A Key Clandestine Iraqi BW Agent Production Facility

The following information was obtained via Technical Remote Viewing:

1. The Iraqis have concealed a large scale BW agent production facility within a nitrogen fertilizer plant, located along the Tigris River, northwest of Mosul, in the vicinity of Zumma.

2. This "boiler room" operation is producing Anthrax or Clostridium perfringens.

3. We assess the Zumma area site to be the largest currently operating BW production facility in Iraq.

Attachments: Al Mawsil [Mosul]-Arbil Region tactical pilotage chart


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3/2/98: Area Map

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