"Poor-Man's Nuke" or Radiological Bomb Scenario


"Poor-Man's Nuke"
or Radiological Bomb Scenario

The Next Terrorist Attack
May Be America's Ultimate
Nightmare Scenario

By Dane Spotts

The following is a paper related to PSI TECH's special 911
project on the future of terrorism. The information presented,
though based on Technical Remote Viewing data, is the
author's personal speculation.

    The Radiological Bomb, or a "poor-man's nuke" as it has been called, is primitive, dirty, and very dangerous. Take a 55 gallon drum, throw in about 10 pounds of plutonium oxide, a fair amount of C-4, blasting caps, and a timer, and you have America's worst nightmare.

    The resulting explosion is not the big deal. It's conventional in nature and of junior league quality. It's what happens afterward that makes your hair fall out, literally. The explosive charge is designed to disperse a cloud of powdered plutonium oxide, converting the solid radioactive elements into a fine powder, where they are carried outward by the wind contaminating a widespread area with highly radioactive material. The result is panic, sickness, and slow death on a mass scale. Now imagine 20 or 30 of these poor-man's nukes strategically positioned around America's 10 largest cites and important infrastructure sites.

    It's no longer about defending our homeland against Russian ICBM's. Amercia can be brought to her knees by a few dozen cheap, easy to make poor-man nukes.

    This nightmare scenario may be what gets played out on U.S. soil in the near future. It may be the "kill shot" in the terrorist's plan to destroy America. Impossible you say? How could terrorists get the radioactive materials? Surely the U.S. government would never allow such a thing to happen.

    The smuggling of stolen enriched uranium and plutonium into the United States is not so far-fetched after all. A few weeks ago, experts would have told you it was impossible for suicide terrorists to hijack 4 planes with box cutter knives and fly them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

    Now flashback 5 or 6 years and cut to Russia. Vladimir Kirkov, a Nuclear technician in Russia, earns around 420 roubles a month (about 14 U.S. dollars). Around him are dozens of sealed lockers containing weapons-grade enriched uranium which can be made into dozens of nuclear weapons capable of killing millions of people. This low level technician has full access to this material. Lately his paychecks are behind, coming in about 3 to 4 months late. You don't think Vladimir could be bought? What would it take to buy a Vladimir? $10,000? $20,000? $100,000?

    In 1995, Police find a vial of cesium buried near a footpath in Izmailov Park after a Russian TV crew was directed to the site by a group threatening to blow it up. Recently, Turkish agents posing as buyers seized about 12 pounds of uranium-235 and one-quarter ounce of plutonium powder. Experts report several cases in which smugglers tried to sell material that is not weapons-usable, such as beryllium and cesium, but is still harmful and thus suitable for terrorism. Still don't think it's possible? Read this edited clip published just yesterday in the London Times:
    "Evidence has emerged of a plan by Osama Bin Laden to manufacture a 'dirty bomb' that could spray nuclear material over highly populated areas.

    British intelligence services are investigating claims by a Bulgarian businessman that he was approached earlier this year by a middleman for Bin Laden seeking to obtain highly radioactive material.

    The pair discussed setting up an environmental company as a front to buy nuclear waste that could be combined with conventional explosives to create a 'dirty bomb'.

    It is believed to be at least the fourth attempt by Bin Laden to obtain nuclear material. The Saudi terrorist has publicly vowed to gain weapons of mass destruction.

    The latest approach was made in April after Ivan Ivanov, a Bulgarian businessman with long-standing ties to a Middle Eastern contracting firm, was invited to Pakistan... Ivanov said he was taken on a rough mountainous bus ride along Pakistan's remote border with China. There he was led to a secret location, where he was introduced to Bin Laden as 'our partner from Europe'.

    ...he was interested in obtaining spent nuclear fuel rods from the Kozlodui nuclear electricity plant in Bulgaria. 'He wanted a legitimate way of buying nuclear waste from the power plant,' said Ivanov. 'He was ready to give me money in advance to find local companies to help him to export this material.' Ivanov was offered $200,000 to help set up an environmental firm to buy nuclear waste, and asked if he would run the company. He declined the offer and, on his return home, informed officials in Bulgaria of the meeting.

    ...In September 1998 Mamdouh Mahmud Salim, alleged to be a high-level aide to Bin Laden, was arrested in Germany after trying to buy low-grade nuclear reactor fuel.

    Jamal al-Fadl, a former Bin Laden aide, told the FBI he had witnessed Al-Qaeda members trying to buy enriched uranium in the mid-1990s, according to court documents. He also claimed to have been to Sudan, where an associate of an army officer tried to sell him uranium for £1m.

    Bin Laden has never made any secret of his interest in acquiring nuclear weapons. In an interview in January 1999, he said: 'It would be a sin for Muslims not to try to possess the weapons that would prevent the infidels from inflicting harm on Muslims.'"
    For a poor-man's nuke the radioactive material does not need to be fissionable. High level radioactive waste or low-grade nuclear fuel will do nicely, smuggled out of Russia or China and infiltrated into the United States via a shipping container or delivered via truck or rail car from Mexico. As the above article suggests, it may even originate from a hazardous waste disposal company in the U.S. that is indirectly owned or has ties to the terrorist organization.

    My point is only this: the nuclear material is readily available, and terrorists could construct a radiological bomb out of such materials with little difficulty. No need for nuclear expertise, or special technology to construct a poor-mans nuke.

    You don't even need to take my word for it. An chronology of known nuclear material smuggling incidents from 1993 to 1996 is available from testimony given before the Senate Permanent Investigations Subcommittee on global proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and illicit trafficking of nuclear materials. Read this chronology, and the testimony given by Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch using the links at the bottom of this document.

    One of the more striking elements in the Technical Remote Viewing Data that PSI TECH's task force has been developing over the last several weeks was the idea that the perpetatrators were sick and dying from handling the toxic materials they were using. Vomiting blood and gut-wrenching pain were pieces of raw data downloaded in a number sessions.

    All 14 members of PSI TECH's team of advanced level Remote Viewers got matching data which supported the nightmare scenario illustrated above. All were working in the blind. All they received from their tasker were 8 random numbers. They did not know the cue of the target they were remote viewing.

    Is this nightmare scenario really going to happen? Is it preventable? Can it be averted? If so how? That is something that PSI TECH is now addressing. We will report our results soon.

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