The January 1998 Turtle Island Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Mass Stranding


7 March 1998

To: Rafael Martinez Monro
Environment and Natural Renewable Resources
The Republic of Venezuela

From: PSI TECH, Incorporated
Beverly Hills, California, U.S.A.

Subject: The January 1998 Turtle Island Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Mass Stranding

The following information was obtained via Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). (For background information about TRV methods and techniques, refer to


1. PSI TECH has identified the causal agent in the Turtle Island mass stranding as a trematod parasite. A number of animals were seriously infected.

2. Careful analysis strongly implicates a Nasitrema sp. fluke, (although, Cyclochis sp., such as C. campula, C. pilliata, C. oblonga, cannot unequivocally be ruled out).

3. Also, we have not established that the terminal infection site was in loco cerebral and/or cerebellar, as a result of possible internal parasite migration.

We hope that this information can assist future necropsies, augment regional marine mammal parasitology and pathology research, and enhance the Republic of Venezuela's cetacean preservation efforts.

Dr. Daniel K. Odell
Chairman, Education Committee
The Society for Marine Mammalogy

LTC Robert B. Moeller, Jr., DVM
United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense

David Dickson

J. Michael Williamson

Trish Franklin

Art Bell
Chancellor Broadcasting Corporation

Original Documents:

Turtle Island Dolphin Stranding Report pg1

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