TWA Flight 800 Project - PSI TECH's Final Report to the NTSB

October 7, 1996

To: Mr. Robert Francis
Vice Chairman
National Transportation Safety Board
Washington, D.C.

From: President
Beverly Hills, CA

Subject: The TWA Flight 800 Explosion

Ref. NTSB Identification DCA96MA070

(This is a follow-up to our PSI TECH interim report, dated September 30, 1996)

Technical Remote Viewing Final Assessment:

1. The critical event leading to the TWA Flight 800 explosion was a catastrophic failure of a hydraulic system component in the Boeing 747-100, specifically, the air driven pump (ADP) in System 3.

2. As it flew apart, a large piece (i.e., broken main shaft/gear tooth/turbine blade) of the ADP punctured fuel lines, or a fuel tank itself.

3. A precursor explosion followed, initiated by dripping/leaking fuel, which formed a fuel-air mist, the stoichiometry of which supported combustion.

4. The resulting fireball caused either the No. 3 main fuel tank or the center wing tank to explode. This event severed the right wing, prior to complete conflagration of the airplane.

I hope that this information assists in your investigation of this tragic aviation accident.

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