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PSI TECH Technical Remote Viewing

"Yoshio Katagiri"/ Present Location

"Yoshio Katagiri" / Present Location

   Technical Remote Viewing is an Intelligence gathering skill that was originally developed by the US Department of Defense. PSI TECH is the company that was founded by the original military team members. PSI TECH operates in the private sector now providing adjunct Intel in crisis and security situations.

   We extend our resources to assist in public service cases when we are able. In this case, were asked to locate a person who has been missing for thirty years. There was a Japanese camera crew filming for the purpose of documenting the data acquisition process.

   This initial Technical Remote Viewing session was performed in the blind meaning that the Technical Remote Viewer had no conscious knowledge of what the target was. She was only given this set of eight randomly generated numbers: 1927/0130.

   Remote Viewer: Joni Dourif
   Date: May 12, 2003

   As the remote viewer begins she moves through her trained TRV protocols rapidly. The data that is acquired at first general but as the remote viewer moves through the TRV protocols the Data she acquires becomes more specific and refined.

   The following is the visual and explanatory summary of this Remote Viewing Session:



Preliminary Speculation of Session Results:

    Mr. Katagiri lives similar to an indigent. He is hiding and in seclusion. It appears as though his living conditions were caused by something that has occurred in his past and that he regrets. He also feels shameful about his current living conditions. He lives in a rough environment. There are buildings nearby and he lives by the water in a harbor town (maybe in an anchored boat). There are recurrent ideas of a natural setting also. He moves into places where there is activity with lots of people together. He is religious and he frequents some sort of religious building that provides shelter and help to people in need. There is no indication that Mr. Katagiri is dead. He seems very much alive.

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