"Yoshio Katagiri"/ Present Location


Remote Viewer: Joni Dourif
Date May 12, 2003

Pages 5 and 6
   The initial data acquired was: That there was a person and a structure at the target site (as shown in the sketch). The person was inside a country, feeling frustrated. There is activity present but the person is sitting still and thinking of a future event.

Pages 9 and 10
   Data gathered from the initial perspective from the top of the target site: This is an event involving people. There is turbulence and screaming. It feels “scary” to the remote viewer.

Pages 13 and 14
   From the perspective ‘from the center of the target site’ the remote viewer moves closer in to perceive that the target person is a man who is pensive and thinking. He is pandering and exercising. There are weapons present at the target site.

Pages 17 and 18
   From 100 feet facing the target site, the remote viewer perceives a structure with water and perceives that one person in this target is significant and one person is missing. One person is distressed and crying out. There is a young female involved. Something is enclosed with ripples present.

Pages 19 and 20
   This is a continuation of the data gathered from 100 feet facing the target site. The remote viewer perceives emotions at the target site of “sad.” There is a metal structure by the water that is “like a bathtub.” From the sketch it appears as though there is a person inside of the metal like structure. (There are no indications of whether the person is dead or alive.)

Pages 23 and 24
   The perspective was focused on the “The most recognizable feature at the target site.” The data gathered by the remote viewer was that there is a structure near by that looks like a church or a temple but is being used as a warehouse. There is busy activity about.

Pages 27 and 28
   The viewer's perspective was moved inside of the structure: The remote viewer perceived a dark, gloomy den that felt "strange" There was something like a bed there and there were people who were like vagrants wandering in and out. It seemed like a homeless shelter. A place where people get and take drugs. The remote viewer perceived eight people present at that time.

Pages 33 and 34
   The remote viewer's perspective was pulled back now to gather data from 50 feet facing the target site: The remote viewer perceived a dock and something like a boat. The location is perceived to be on the outskirts of town and it is undulating slowly back and forth.