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The Technical Remote Viewing Advanced Training System

PSI TECH is proud to announce the long-awaited
Advanced Training System. Build upon your foundation
of basic and intermediate skills learned in the Basic
Training System and discover and learn powerful new
Stage Six tools.

Introduction to the Technical Remote Viewing Advanced Training System

    PSI TECH is proud to announce our Generation II Advanced Training System. In this program you'll build on the basic skills you learned in the basic Generation II TRV Basic Self Study course by applying advanced techniques to your Technical Remote Viewing targets. These techniques, or advanced tools, will enable you to identify and collect specific types of data in a more refined and detailed manner with closer target contact. For example, if you want to know "when" an event occurred, you would use the "timeline" tool; or say you want to know "where" to locate a specific object or place, you would use the "geographic vector." These professional level tools allow you to use your TRV skills to find missing persons and locations, retrieve past memories, or solve complex problems. Virtually any type of data you are searching for can be known using the tools you'll learn in this Advanced Training System.

    So how were these tools developed? PSI TECH has spent the last 12 years developing, testing, and refining Technical Remote Viewing techniques, and then applying them to real projects and cases. The results we've achieved using these proven methods have been amazing; not only satisfying our clients objectives, they've enabled PSI TECH to develop effective training programs for our students. From the Generation II TRV Basic Self Study Course to this Advanced Training System, PSI TECH's mission is to facilitate your learning Technical Remote Viewing as efficiently as possible.

    It's important for you to understand that in order to begin your advanced training, you will need to have met the following criteria:

    1. Completion of the Generation II Basic Training Course. We can't stress strongly enough how important this is. The best analogy we can use is swimming. Imagine you want to learn how to swim at a highly competitive level. And say you want to compete using the butterfly stroke. Obviously, if you don't know the basic swimming technique using your arms, legs, and breathing to move you efficiently through the water, you won't be able to learn the advanced butterfly stroke; let alone try to compete at a high level. You must learn the basics of Technical Remote Viewing before you can learn the advanced tools!

    2. Consistently identifying Level 2 targets using Stage 1 through Stage 4 protocols and movements should be second nature for you. In other words, you should not have to "think" about the order of categories in Stage 2; or how to create an S4 table. You should be able to complete a basic TRV session with "Structure and Protocols" firmly in place. Because, like learning to swim at an advanced level, when your advanced TRV training begins, you'll be expected to be proficient in the basics.

    If you haven't met this criteria for advanced training, we strongly urge you to go back and learn the basics. Remember, the Generation II course was designed to enable the individual student to learn at his own pace. Whatever your desired learning rate is, the Generation II System lets you do it your way. We also recommend that you participate in PSI TECH's Online Training Center, where you have access to supplemental training targets. PSI TECH's web site, chat rooms, and discussion forums are a great place to read about the latest TRV news and updates; meet fellow TRV trainees; and share your experiences.

    The bottom line here is, "you need to know basic TRV structure and protocols." And the only way you can learn is to complete the Gen II basic course and then "just do it! - literally!" You must practice TRV on a consistent basis so that the skills become autonomic. We recommend you do at least one target per day and try not to let more than 2 days pass without doing a session. The key is to be consistent; because PSI TECH's experience has shown that if you are, you will learn basic TRV skills within 2 - 3 months after beginning your training.

    On the following pages, we will provide you with an overview of the Advanced Training System Modules. You will also learn about your free gift - The Special Applications Series: Optimum Trajectories course - a $200 bonus that is yours free with your Advanced Training System. This is a limited time offer.

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