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Overview of the Technical Remote ViewingAdvanced Training System

The Advanced Training System is designed to move
you further on your personal journey of discovery.
This page will provide you with an overview of the
five modules included in the course and introduce you
to S6 and the Advanced Data Transfer System.

PSI TECH's TRV Advanced Training System

    The Advanced Training System is structured differently than the basic Generation II course. First, much of the "hand holding" required in the initial stages is gone. The reason is that by this point in your training, you don't need it; you understand TRV concepts, you have installed the basic stage 1 through stage 4 protocols, and you produce consistently accurate results with your level 2 targets. And perhaps most importantly, you are extremely motivated because you've experienced what the power of this amazing technology can do; and you want to learn more. So we've structured this course in a way that presents advanced concepts and techniques to take advantage of your foundation of TRV knowledge.

    Each Module presents the material in a lecture format, using text and graphics to display key terms and examples. Similar to a textbook, TRV topics are broken into chapters; with a brief Introduction at the beginning and a summary at the end. For chapters that teach specific techniques, assignments designed to facilitate "learning by doing" will follow the summary. Each chapter will have a unique color-coded title page graphic for easy identification. This system will enable you to quickly search through the Module when looking for a specific topic.

Modules contained in the Advanced TRV Training System

    In Module 1, you'll learn the Stage 6 protocol and how to use PSI TECH's Advanced Data Transfer System. This system is the foundation of every advanced session and is a requirement for using the Advanced Tools. Your training here will begin with a review of Stage 1 through Stage 4 protocols; movements; and then on to Stage 6 using Visual Representations, Mind Probes, Timelines, and Relational Diagrams.

    In Module 2, you'll learn how to use Advanced Tools: the Idea Template for identifying key aspects of your target; Trajectories to learn about life paths; Memory Retrieval for unlocking past experiences; and Problem Solving for identifying solutions to complex problems. You'll also study "S5 - Anomalous Data" and S-4 1/2 & S-6 1/2 Data Packages and how they can be critical for identifying important TRV site phenomenon.

    In Module 3, Advanced Movements will show you how to work sophisticated TRV techniques into your sessions for even greater refinement of your target data. The Advance Movements include: Mind Probes for looking into the psychology of other people; Medical Diagnosis for identifying the cause of disease; Illness Cure/Treatment for finding medical cures; Finding past conflicts/trauma for uncovering past traumatic events; Geographic Vector for finding "where" people, places, things, or events occur or located; Relational Indicator for identifying relationships between people, places, things, and events; Target Geometry for site exploration; Time Locator for knowing "when" an event has or will occur.

    In Module 4, "Advanced TRV Tips & Rules" you'll learn the 8 rules for maximizing the effectiveness and accuracy of your advanced TRV sessions.

    And in Module 5, you'll be guided through a complete monitored session using the Advanced Data Transfer System and advanced movements. This is designed to show you how an advanced session should be conducted; and to serve as a guide for your advanced TRV work.

    Advanced Technical Remote Viewers are able to look into the future; to map out optimum trajectories or life paths in their personal careers, relationships, and health. They're able to explore any event in history; traveling into the past as well the future; discovering the mysteries of the universe. This is direct knowledge - acquired firsthand - downloaded from the matrix. PSI TECH's Advanced TRV Training System was designed to move you further on your personal journey of discovery; to help you learn and grow; to help you understand our world and your role in it. All of us at PSI TECH congratulate you on your commitment and your accomplishments thus far - just remember; your journey continues.

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