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PSI TECH Special Applications Series: Optimum Trajectories

Our Optimum Trajectories system is the first in our
line of supplemental Special Applications courses.
For a limited time, it is yours free with your pre-order
of the TRV Advanced Training System. After this special
offer, it will be sold for $199.

    The Optimum Trajectories Training System is the first product in our line of Special Applications instructional tapes. This new series affords TRV trainees with the opportunity of focusing their TRV training on specific fields, careers, and subject matter that interest them. For a limited time the Personal Optimum Trajectories Training Kit is FREE with the Advanced Training System. (This is a $199.95 bonus.)

    Being able to apply advanced TRV skills to achieve specific results, is the ultimate goal of all Technical Remote Viewers. Finding missing persons; locating oil, gold, or lost treasure; or knowing - in advance - the winner of a horse race - is why the desire to learn Technical Remote Viewing is so powerful.

    In this program, you'll learn how to discover your personal Optimum Trajectory - which is your optimal path in life. Optimum Trajectories show us the direction that will enable us to be the most fulfilled - and the happiest. Imagine that you have the ability to see your perfect future; a future where you're happy and content; where life brings you meaning and fulfillment; a future where your dreams are made real. Now imagine you are able to see many paths before you, including the path you need to take to get to your perfect future. Once you learn the advanced TRV skill of Personal Optimum Trajectories, knowing which path will lead you to your perfect future - is only a session away.

    This course is part of our advanced series. Like the Advanced Training System outlined on pages one and two, you must have completed the Generation II Training Course before learning the techniques taught in this program. You will also need to have completed the Advanced Training System before starting.

    The TRV Advanced Application Series courses are broken into 2 modules: In Module 1, you'll learn advanced protocols and structure; review examples of actual TRV sessions; and learn how to create effective cues for maximizing your sessions results.

    Then in Module 2, you'll be guided through a monitored session using the protocols and structure you learned in Module 1. Here you'll create your cue, and then follow your instructor through each stage of your session. It's designed to show you how an advanced session should be conducted; and to serve as a guide for your advanced application work using the Personal Optimum Trajectory protocols and structure.

    Remote Viewers trained by PSI TECH have used the Optimum Trajectory tool to find their optimum careers, increase their earning potential, foresee and avoid health problems, and make better choices which benefit their lives and the lives of their families.

    We are proud to be able to provide you with this tremendously valuable technology. PSI TECH's instructors and professional staff will be here, online, to assist you in developing your skills. For a limited time, the Optimum Trajectories course is yours free (a $200 value!) with your purchase of the TRV Advanced Training System.

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