Technical Remote Viewing Training Course Testimonials

What People Say About PSI TECH's Remote Viewing Training Courses

Learning Technical Remote Viewing can change your life and open up new possibilities you never imagined before. Below are just a few of the comments our trainees have about this breakthrough skill:

When I found out about TRVU on-line training, I toured the virtual “campus,” was intrigued by the programming “bells, lights, and whistles” and decided to enroll. WOW!! TRVU does not overwhelm the student. TRVU encourages completion of the program – through its pacing, presentation and supplemental targets. Long-term benefits and retention is significantly better with TRVU. My personal results - and after-effects - are enhanced. The more I do, the better it gets. THANK YOU for TRVU.
Alex L.

"Dear Jonina and Jeff,
Finally, I finished the complete set of the Gen II Tapes, I have made all the practice targets, the results......just amazing. A side effect of the training has been a new feeling of trust in my inner resources and a silent confidence in the resources of my unconscious mind. I look at the world in a very different way...intuition looks now to me as a solid platform where I can stand and be successful in everyday world...instead of only dreaming on how could it be to use intuition and the inner mind powers.....I know also that my journey has only begun...and will require more practice, discipline and courage. As soon as the TRV University program starts, include me as a student. Thanks Jonina for this wonderful gift!"
Hector - Guadalupe, Mexico

"The experience of learning TRV was like having a veil lifted from my eyes. Now, after completing my training, I am finally able to do what other more experienced students have been doing for years, that is accurately separate facts from imagination very quickly, or in other words, just get the facts. This skill has given me an advantage in analyzing problems and I use it to solve difficult situations in my life. And I am having a lot a fun doing this."

Read an article about Technical Remote Viewing data on a recent student Target Of The Week, the military's equipment on Haleakala in Hawaii. (The top most sketch and written data was produced by Dolores.)

"I just wanted to say how absolutely fabulous the New GEN II Training Tapes are. It's the most professional, well thought out, useful skill training mail product I've ever seen. The questions are answered before you even have time to think them, each step is clear and concise; from ideograms, to ideology, to cueing to's all there, complete with practice targets and a workbook. Psitech has outdone themselves with this product. I can't recommend it's worth the investment!"

"I was called to the office of the friend and he described the location of where the stolen item was at during the time of his TRVing. The area and location described was less than 300 yards from the site of the robbery. I began to concentrate on the location and area. To my amazement, the stolen item was at the announced location... I am convinced that TRVing really works. Getting this kind of information without any leads would normally take months or years. I am amazed about this entire ordeal. I am a witness to it. I have first-hand knowledge. The provided information was quick, accurate, and extremely reliable in my case."
Chief of Police - Mississippi

"I'm not bragging but since you did the sessions.. (Remote Viewed Optimum Career) In one month I made more than I would have made in six months at my previous job."
Terrill - Texas

"Remote viewing has confirmed many things I've thought should have been possible, but was never able to verify through normal mainstream science. It has given me confidence and trust in what is otherwise known as "the universe," and has been a great booster/buffer in my personal/psychological/ mental/spirtual/cognitive development. Remote viewing combines intuition and the "gut feel" we all have with rigor and structure not normally found in new age circles. If you are weary of being flaky or fluffy, or want some semblance of the scientific process, in addition to wanting a lot of fun and pathways to meet new people, then I would highly recommend learning remote viewing."
Michael. S. - Arizona

"As a historical researcher I find remote viewing to be a invaluable tool in uncovering new and exciting historical information."
Ralph J. - History Professor

"The greatest benefit for me is to be able to find the truth, the bottom line, of any problem I focus my attention on. The best part of all, IT'S A WHOLE LOT OF FUN! I love watching the truth surfacing in the symbols of the series."
Mr. C., Malibu, California

"I too have to back up everything that has been said so far. I am from the UK and I also own the Gen I tapes, but the Gen II are a big improvement. I like the fact that we are addressed directly and not left to guess whether or not we are doing 'the right thing'. Joni guides you all the way from S1 up to S4 in a way which makes you feel you are being tutored on a one to one basis. I have already had success with Target #2 in the kit and I have already learned so much. I now feel more than confident that I will be able to progress seriously this time."
David F. - United Kingdom

"Since I have studied remote viewing with psitech I find that I am at peace with myself and the world. I find that I am more efficient at work due to the mental discipline I developed while learning TRV through the PSI TECH home study video courses."
Jane T. - New York

"I've just received the TRV basic training module package about a month ago and have gone through Module 1 packet and have completed viewing all of the Module 2 tapes. I've practiced my Module 1 gestalt identifying methods about 12 times already and am getting about an 80% correctness. For this I am astounded and happy with myself."
Jim G.

"I have been utilizing TRV protocols for the last three years. I strongly recommend it for people who want to learn about themselves and human potential but also for those who want to discover the world around them. It is fun, inspiring, and actually works."

"I bought the TRV tapes at the Leaning Annex course Joni gave here in Los Angeles, and they are fascinating, brilliant, so clear and easy to follow. I've looked ahead to Module 2 but I am really still in Module 1. I'm so impressed with the mathematical elegance of the skill and the wonderful presentation of it in the tapes."
Lauren - Los Angeles

"If you want to learn how to remote view these video tapes are the Best means available! Additionally, for no additional cost, you can get one-on-one instruction in the form of individual critiques, if you post your sessions on PsiTech's Bulliten Board! I have been using the techniques demonstrated on these tapes for two years now and I have investigated what else is available. Shop the market and you'll discover these tapes are THE top flight intructional aides for learning HOW TO remote view. Developing the skill requires regular practice and self discpline; if you apply yourself ernestly, these videos deliver. Ever feel like space and time are a bit too constrictive? Spend some time learning to TRV and you'll discover space and time are not limitations to the non-local mind. If you work TRV, TRV will work for you."
J.S. - Santa Fe, NM

"TRV is a great hobby and both learning it and doing better each time is very satisfying. Its like a T.V. that can get every channel you ever imagined. It has given me insights into places, people, and events that I would have never gained otherwise. I would also like to add another thank you to Joni for having the patience to work with all her tape trainees. I am in particular a challenging learner because I question everything I'm told. PSI TECH's Technical Remote Viewing® just keeps coming up with all the right answers. I'm eager to go forward with some more advanced techniques as soon as I master the basics."
Jeff K. - California

"I have used TECHNICAL REMOTE VIEWING to help me solve some very difficult cases in which all the conventional leads had dried up. Thank you PSI TECH. You are doing a great service to humanity."
Richard B. - Detective

   "TRV has affected my life in several ways. It has made me deeply curious about the world we live in. It has given me a new perspective on what's real in our world and beyond. It has shown me that we are all, indeed, part of the whole. Sometimes it seems to work almost in a telepathic form, or it may take on the form of symbols or some other type of communication. It's kind of funny in a way, because a target can lead you anywhere, far into the future or the past, or a new planet. And with that to consider, it is a almost a non-issue, because all we care about at that time is staying in structure and dropping the pen. Sometimes the flow is so fast, one can only grasp a few percepts, other times, its a strain to get anything valuable as perceptual data. I like those aspects of it because it means that TRV is something one can grow with. As we advance in years and learn more and experience more, TRV will advance with us. It has also made me more humble in general because of this. It has given me a better sense of discipline. If I should not practice or not follow protocol, the results will show it. All in all, I am very happy to be learning this skill. I feel extremely lucky that there are people willing to take their time to evaluate my progress and challenge all of us to learn more."
Kevin S.
"As time has passed, and well over 1000 targets worked, I still have the same excitement that I did that first night when I realized that TRV works! To me this technology is the single most powerful tool available to mankind. To be able to know anything, about anything in the past, present or future is incomparable. There is no doubt that we have only begun to scratch the surface in how TRV will be used in "Real World" applications. These are exciting times!"
Kevin Pirolo, Hawaii

Find out how Technical Remote Viewing located Kevin's new home.

Read about how Kevin used Technical Remote Viewing to find the location of a stolen cash register.

"Joni, I just finished the first training target, and I am completely blown away! All I did was follow your instructions, and by following TRV structure, the data just came! There is absolutely no question that I accurately got the target, and the experience has "proven" to me that this is more than just a hobby or a bunch of smoke and mirrors. TRV is a real tool, and your training has opened up a whole new world to me! I look forward to continuing my education and learning more from you! Thanks a million!"
Peter in Columbus

"When I first heard about TRV, I could not help but be fascinated with it. It is totally amazing that the average person can actually learn this powerful skill and have the ability to perceive information or observe events in a way one never dreamed was possible. Since other remote viewers claimed TRV would forever change your life, I decided I really must learn this too. Though I am still very much a beginner, I can honestly say it has been one of the most significant decisions I have ever made. TRV is fun, it works, and it really is a very natural thing to do. Even more important though, is how it changes the way you view yourself and life. Remote viewing can enlighten you in ways you never expected. My respect for TRV continues to grow immensely the more I use it. I consider it not only a privilege, but also a gift, to be able to learn this valuable skill. I anticipate learning even more exciting things as I continue to advance in my training. The possibilities that exist with TRV are endless."
Karen V. - USA

"I have the old GenI tapes, and I just acquired the Gen II tapes a few days ago. I am only on mod 3, but I must say that the new tapes are a great improvement over the old ones! Joni and Dane have already answered all of my questions that I had lingering from the old tapes (am I going too fast, am I doing this right, and so forth! Ed knows a lot, and he was a good teacher, but Joni is that much better. For weeks, I was hesitant to get the new tapes, thinking I did not need them; but that was a mistake. The possibilities of what can be done with TRV seem that much more real to me now than before; sure, it's great to be able to find out where Saddam is keeping the nukes, but there is so much more that can be done with TRV than just military stuff. Thank you so much! "

"Joni: Congratulations to you and Dane on the rework of the TRV tapes. I have really enjoyed them. They have really cleared up some problems I was having. I like your format and Dane is a great promoter. I intend on taking the TRV course next year in your area. Once again the tapes are excellent."

"I was 47 years old. Having recently left a corporate job I hated, seemingly destined to accept a similar one once again. I plugged the TRV tape into my VCR almost out of boredom. My life, my career, nothing has been the same since. The positive, practical and life changing knowledge available to us through the use of this skill is limitless. The following is an event that happened to me last Christmas. I had been studying TRV for several months and on a whim decided to do a session on a "special" gift I was to be getting. I had no idea what it was and thought it would make a good real world target for practice. Though the session seemed like a good one, its results were so off the wall I just set the information aside till on Christmas day I was asked about it. My partner, half joking asked me if I knew what my gift was by TRVing it. I sheepishly told her what I had gotten in my session work. The colors, shapes, textures, how it fit together, etc and told her of my conclusion that my session indicated it was like one of those hammocks they make in the Carolinas. As I was explaining my results I became surer with every sentence that I had totally missed the mark as I misread the stunned expression of disbelief on her face to indicate her amusement that I could come up with such complicated detail that was totally wrong. Well it WAS a Hatteras hammock that was identical to the one I had described."
Gene - Portland, Oregon

Read this article to find out how Gene used his Technical Remote Viewing skills to target his Christmas gift.

"The site we are digging right now was discovered by remote viewing. Thank you psi-tech , all the work was well worth the effort."
John S. - Paleontologist

"I purchased these tapes and have been using them for some time now. I would say they are quite straight forward. As far as technique, the TRV tapes give you a step by step easy to learn process that anyone can follow.The tapes also inform you about how the process of Psi works. It is a skill that is trainable for almost anyone and highly effective. I was stunned by the results."
Anna - Toronto, Canada

"I began learning TRV from the training tapes 2 years ago.   I have always believed in ESP from personal experience but I was unsure that this method would help me develop my skills.    After watching the tapes I realized that TRV worked. With practice I developed my skill and I decided to take it further by having personal training.    It was after this that I realized how far you can go with TRV and how good you can become if you put in the time and effort.    I think purchasing the training tapes is an excellent way to develop your ability to perceive the limitless data that is out there."

"I began remote viewing years ago, but it was not until I discovered Technical Remote Viewing that I was able to have consistent success with my targets. The best thing I have found about its system, is that the structure does not allow room for imagination to taint my data. I have always had trouble with my imagination and thoughts quickly slipping into my sessions and turning them into speculation and fantasy. With Technical Remote Viewing, the structure and protocol is designed to eliminate clutter and "noise" that your mind tries to put into your session. The result is more accurate and complete data, and ultimately, more reliable data, which is vital for a successful remote viewing session."
Kimberly - Washington state

Click here to read about how Kimberly used TRV to target The Resurrection.

"I find since learning TRV that I am more serious about my school work and it has made me a better person."
Brittany J. - High School Student

"I had a great time in class. That taught me the way I should take and made me change my life. Thank you so much for your "super training". Now, I think I want to be a private detective. So I am training hard myself for my optimum trajectory."
Three-day-course Graduate from Japan

I see that the dog racing technique that you gave me on your 4/16/99 post has been read over 250 times. I hope other students are are applying the methodology. Going to the track at least twice a week since 5/99, I have achieved over $55,000 in winnings(I'm pretty aggressive). In August, I discovered that the same technique works for dog/horse racing that takes place in other states via satellite or live-streaming video over the internet, e.g. Kentucky, California. I've discovered first hand that time & distance makes no difference as long as the TRV probe is cued and executed correctly..amazing. I'll update you again on this endeavor in about 6 months."
Harold - Florida

"Dear Joni,

It has been two weeks since I completed the nine-day TRV training course with you and words truly fail in describing the impact TRV has had in my own life. I am looking at the world and myself in a different way. The priorities of my daily life have changed. I have become more in control of my life and I have a new and different confidence about myself. TRV is now a part of my life and I will continue to use it to expand my knowledge and grow emotionally and spiritually. I can only imagine the wonderful impact TRV will have on my life as time goes on.
It's important to note that TRV has not only changed and improved my life, but also the people close to me. I have sincerely recommended this course to my friends, and to many other people. Once again, thank you for the TRV training and the opportunities that come with it - I am extremely grateful."
Rick B. - Ojai, California

"TRV has been the most fulfilling experience of my life and I am 53 years old.
Know the Truth- thank you PSI TECH!"
Carol - USA

Technical Remote Viewing® Applications: What Can PSI TECH's Remote Viewing Training Do For Me?


      When our students learn Technical Remote Viewing and realize how effective the technology is, one of their most commonly asked questions is, "How can I incorporate this skill into my every day life?" TRV originated as a militarily applied intelligence collection tool and as such, it has a myriad of applications for problem solving.

      Click on the following links to see just some of the ways TRV has been applied by professional remote viewers as well as average people from all over the world.

The Optimum TrajectoryTM - Find Your Optimum Life Path

How Optimum Trajectories Affect One's Future
The Practical Applications Of TRV
Optimum Trajectories And Free Will
A Student's Experience With Her O.T.

Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

Neurosurgeon Uses TRV To Solve Medical Problem
S.A.R.S. Origin Revealed By Technical Remote Viewing

Find Missing Items & Locations

My Last "I bet You Can't Remote View It" Bet
Be Careful What You Task For
Technical Remote Viewer Locates Missing Cat
Lost For Days And Found In Minutes

Government, Military & Investigative Applications

PSI TECH's Iraq Project: U.N. Arms Inspection Team Support
Targeting Iraq's Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Letter To The White House, DIA
Video: L.A.F.D. Helicopter Crash/Cause
Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra 10E
TWA Flight 800 Explosion - Final Report To The NTSB
Flight 800 - News Reports
Flight 800 - System Failure Sketch
Cause Of Egyptair Flight 990 Disaster

Law Enforcement & Counterterrorism

TRV Session Leads Police Investigators to the Location of a Stolen Cash Register
PSI TECH 911 Project Preliminary Report
Confirmation of PSI TECH's October 6th 2001 Preliminary Report on Terrorism

Personal Problem Solving

Technical Remote Viewing Found My New Home
TRV Identifies Student's Christmas Gift
Is It A Boy Or A Girl?
Finding One's Optimal Employment Opportunity
A Mother's Time Machine
See "The Optimum Trajectory" section above for more examples of personal applications.

Unexplained & Anomalous Phenomena

Guardian Angels - Do They Exist?
Life After Death: The Mystery Unveiled
The Real X-Files
Remote Viewing "God"
Targeting Anomalous Features On Mars
PSI TECH Identifies Source of "Mars Probe Signal"

Enhance Creativity & Awareness

Profile Of An Artist & TRV Student
Spontaneous PSI Events

Corporate & Business Applications

Examples Of PSI TECH's Past Corporate Contracts
15 Minutes Solves Energy Problem Using Technical Remote Viewing
Electrician Uses The Power Of Technical Remote Viewing
Remote Viewing Football

Demonstrations, Contests & Training Sessions

Video: Blind TRV Demonstration for Television News Crew
Beginner Level Blind TRV Session: The Pentagon
Intermediate Level Blind TRV session: Next Passenger Airline Disaster
2002 TRV Contest Winning Session
2003 TRV Contest Winning Session

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