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 The Matrix Newsletter: Volume 4, Issue 4

  • Welcome to Volume 4, Issue 4 of The Matrix Remote Viewers Newsletter. -- In this issue of The Matrix, Dane Spotts gives away FREE stuff! Joni Dourif examines the need of some to make Remote Viewing a religion, Fletcher North experiences growing pains while learning TRV, Lani George takes a look at some mysterious ghostly disturbances, Dennis Arbour gives thanks for Remote Viewing and the world around us to use it on, Kevin Pirolo gives us an update from the TRV Trading club, and discusses the tool of creating blind target pools for new Remote Viewers, as well as this issue's comic, 'Why Santa Is An Alien'.

  • Two FREE Holiday Gifts -- Need A Last Minute Stocking Stuffer For a Loved One? I would like to do something different this Holiday Season. Rather than write something, I would like to give you something. A present. TWO presents actually. Stocking stuffers. Things that can make your life a little better in 2005.

  • The "Spiritual" Aspect of Remote Viewing -- I grimace when I am asked if Remote Viewing is a spiritual tool because in answering this question, I cannot say that it is not a spiritual practice—yet It would be inaccurate to define it as a 'spiritual technology'. This is an area that has caused more confusion and disappointment then any other in remote viewing applications. After somebody or something has inevitably suffered due to their mistake, they then re-examine their process—and that's when you may hear them say, "the answer was there, sitting right in front of me and yet I didn't see it!"

  • The Quest of a Young Mind Warrior. -- I remember when it all began a few months ago. When one day I realized that something big was out there. Everyday, new coincidences brought new ideas and new thoughts to mind. Each opening up new doors and new opportunities. As with any excited teenager, I felt the urge to share this information with my friends. This only caused a long a trialing road that I was slowly stumbling onto. I was scared, not knowing what to expect next. Was I to be forever banished from the realm of knowledge seekers? Was this the end of my quest, so soon after it all began?

  • From The TRV Trading Clubhouse. -- It took about 30 minutes of TRV'ing, 20 minutes chatting with fellow Club Members to corroborate my TRV data, then I entered my trade in the FX (Foreign Exchange) market per my corroborated TRV data and 40 minutes later had a tidy profit. That is not to say it is without work, without a test of ones nerves, without discouragement, without sacrifice. All of these are main ingredients that must be combined with strict adherence to TRV protocol to have a chance at success in the dangerous waters of the FX Currency Market.

  • Footsteps From Beyond. -- On June 17, 2004, the best man to my husband and me, and also the godfather to our older daughter, died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Three days after the death, but before the funeral, I woke up in the middle of the night and heard the distinct sound of a man's footsteps in our kitchen. The footsteps could be heard walking around the kitchen and the dining area on the linoleum.Nothing more happened until October 28, 2004, the day before my birthday. That night, at 2:30 am, I heard the footsteps again.

  • A Gift From Above -- "Behold, fear not, for I bring you good news". Maybe the heavens want to give us a gift but don't know how to approach us in our human-ness. As far as I can remember, we were always invited and always welcome if we but behaved ourselves and tried to grow up. Down through the ages we all have dreamed, at least, of these other places, even worlds, that might exist—worlds that may even be greater than any king's splendor. What was not expected was that someday Heaven itself would call on us, would approach us, and would even whisper in our heart to us.

  • So You're Learning To TRV? -- So, you are learning to TRV! You have done dozens, or even hundreds of training targets... at some point it is time to "take the car out of the garage" and start using this skill in a practical "real world" way. That is why you learned TRV right? To find out about stuff that is interesting to YOU. Now is the time to start building and maintaining a "Blind Target Pool". I will share with you some of the things we (Mary and I) have done to build and organize our blind pool.

  • The Comics Corner -- Can it be true? This holiday's pudgy philanthropist is really not all he seems? You all know it, now view the proof, in the expose entitled, "Why Santa Claus Is Really An Alien (In Diguise)."

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