Student Resources

Here you will find some elementary Remote Viewing resources for the RV practitioner. For more resources, including complete training courses, instructor assistance, peer support, organized Remote Viewing projects and more, visit the online Technical Remote Viewing University.

For more information and tips on Remote Viewing, also check out our news archives for The Signal Line E-Zine and The Matrix Newsletter.

Practice Training Targets
Click on one of the links below to retrieve a random target of specified difficulty from the target pool.

Level 1: Stage 1 - 3
Level 2: Stage 1 - 3
Level 3: Stage 1 - 6
Level 4: Stage 1 - 6

Get Target Feedback
Enter the Target Reference Number you received into the boxes
below and click 'Get Feedback' to get feedback on that target.


Create a random Target Reference Number
Click the 'Create TRN' below to generate a new random number you can use to assign to your own Remote Viewing target cue.