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UPN News TRV Demonstration
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Free Video Instruction with PSI TECH's President

  • Public Education Webcast, November 30, 2005 - Ideograms and Remote Viewing People
  • Public Education Webcast, August 24, 2005 - How To Use Remote Viewing

    Streaming Video Presentations

  • Message From PSI TECH's CEO, Dane Spotts
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Technical Remote Viewing
  • Introduction to Technical Remote Viewing
  • Lecture: What Is Technical Remote Viewing

    What Can TRV Do For Me?

  • Technical Remote Viewing Applications
  • Lecture: How Can I Use Technical Remote Viewing?

    Prove To Me That TRV Is Real

  • Information For Skeptics & Newcomers

    PSI TECH Training Course Information

  • Lecture: How Can I Learn TRV?
  • About Technical Remote Viewing
  • TRV Information Center
  • The Generation II Training Course
  • Unleash The Ultimate Powers of Mind

    Transcripts, Articles & Print Media

  • April 29, 2003:  Project Afterlife - What Happens When We Die?
  • December 6, 2002:  Test Your Natural “Psychic” Remote Viewing Ability With TRV Quickstart Online
  • July 2001:  Transcript of PSI TECH's "The Quest" Radio Show Interview
  • July 2001:  Introduction to Technical Remote Viewing & The Generation II Training Course
  • February 2001:  Transcript of PSI TECH's Sightings Radio Interview
  • September 2000:  REMOTE VIEWING - The New Frontier of Human Awareness
  • December 1999:  Sony Music magazine interview with PSI TECH