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PSI TECH Technical Remote Viewing

Live Technical Remote Viewing Demonstration Session

PSI TECH's President demonstrates Technical Remote Viewing in front of a UPN television news crew.

    Many people often ask, "How can I be sure that Technical Remote Viewing is real? Isn't is just a trick, or some kind of new-age meditation?" A UPN 13 (KCOP, Los Angeles) Investigative News team wanted to find out for themselves. Psychic sham or powerful new mind technique? PSI TECH President Joni Dourif took them up on their challenge.

    Soon enough, investigative news journalist Tammy Taylor showed up in our main offices with a camera crew and put Remote Viewing to the test. Choosing their own target and Target Reference Numbers, to ensure no interference was possible by the TRV tasker, PSI TECH's President picked up pen and set to work. One hour later, the news crew was convinced. Technical Remote Viewing was for real.

    Watch this Remote Viewing session done under the spotlight and find out for yourself how TRV sessions are performed, what kind of data was obtained in one session, and see if this technology is for real. Click one of the links below to start the video.

Click here to watch the free online video, "Technical Remote Viewing Demonstration".

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