Technical Remote Viewing: Frequently Asked Questions

Dane Spotts answers common questions regarding TRV and aspects of Remote Viewing sessions.

    Dane Spotts, CEO of PSI TECH, Inc. answers the 9 most commonly asked questions about Technical Remote Viewing in this video. Find out what you will learn from the TRV Training Courses, where the information derived from TRV comes from, how often TRV requires one to practice, and what TRV is like.

    Discover how TRV can be used in your life, and how it can be used to help others. Find out what you need to do to enable your mind to learn Remote Viewing skills. Dane also discusses why this technology has remained in the dark for so long despite being freed from the confines of governmental secrecy. To view this video, simply choose your speed and preferred media player from the links below.

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